Tomato Honey. The Sweetest Flavor

Many people can't imagine their diet without ripe, tasty tomatoes. Especially since the variety of tomato varieties allows you to choose the one that tastes best. There are varieties that are called salad, that is, it is better to use them fresh. One such variety is the Medovy tomato, whose name speaks for itself.

Tomato Honey. The sweetest flavor
Tomato "Medovy"

In 2007, the Medovy variety was included in the Russian State Register. If you want to grow the famous variety Medovy that corresponds as much as possible to its description, use seeds of the "Agrouspekh" brand. "Agrouspex" offers seeds from the best breeders in the world that have undergone additional testing for quality.

Dignificances of the honey tomato variety

The tomato variety is one of the best salad varieties, characterized by flawless taste and high yield. This variety has high taste properties, and the plant does not require complex care.

Tomato Medovyi was bred in Siberia, so it is characterized by frost resistance. In the south it can be grown in the open ground, in northern areas you can plant it under the foil. The vegetable matures in about 105-110 days. The height of the plant reaches 1.2 m (medium height). Tomatoes are capable of ripening when harvested ahead of time. Other characteristics of the variety include the following:

Tomato Honey. The sweetest flavor
Tomato "Honey"
  • The variety is indeterminant, so the tomatoes cannot stop growing on their own. The bushes will have to form the gardener.
  • Height tomatoes of this variety will be comfortable in a low greenhouse for tomatoes.
  • The honey variety needs mandatory garter, because the heavy large fruits can break the shoots of the plant.
  • Tomato variety Honey, as a rule, is conducted in two stems, for this purpose leaves one stalk under the first flower brush, the others are removed. If the summer is short, it is recommended to lead this tomato in one stem, then all the budded brushes have time to form.
  • Medovyi tomatoes have a beautiful rounded, slightly flattened shape, rich in pink and crimson color, the weight of tomatoes up to 500 g. The fruits of the first raceme are always larger than those of the rest.
  • Tomatoes of this variety have a sweet taste and few seeds. The skin of tomatoes is dense, which allows them to be stored and transported successfully.

Cultivation recommendations

Transplant the plant at air temperature up to 15 degrees (temperature at night). Before this, make sure that the tomatoes are well rooted: the leaves have become elastic with a malachite hue. It is recommended to plant no more than 4 bushes per 1 square meter.

When planting bushes it is required to observe the rules of alternation of cultures. The best predecessors for this variety are garlic, onions, legumes or carrots. Water the planted honey tomato seedlings twice a week.

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