The Best Indoor Plants With Simple Flowers

An assortment of houseplants today is able to satisfy all - both refined and modest tastes. But an abundance of choice does not make it any easier or easier. The more fanciful, exotic, unusual, colourful or outlandish plants appear, the more the soul is drawn to something more simple. Classic flowers with five or six simple petals around a modest eyelet never go out of style. Such plants give rest to the eyes and mind and offer admiration for the wonderfully pretty but concise beauty and purity of colors and shapes. There are fewer and fewer plants with simple flowers in room culture. But all of them are real stars, never going out of fashion.

The best indoor plants with simple flowers
Browallia beautiful (Browallia speciosa). © rastenievod

Simplicity, which gives peace, is pleasant to all without exception.

Browallia, daisies, bellflowers or violets - plants with simple, laconic and expressive form of flowers are not so much in the room culture. They make the same impression on the viewer as a similar structure of flowers in the garden culture: unlike plants with more pretentious forms and many decorative details, such crops are always perceived as something surprisingly noble, pure and bright.

Simple flowers make everyone smile, they remind us of childhood and long-forgotten impressions, of bouquets picked from grandmother's garden, and maybe even of those first attempts to draw beautiful flowers that all of us made at an early age. After all, all children begin to draw not complicated flowers, but just humble little flowers with 5 to 6 petals and a small center, the beauty of which remains for us for life as something remarkably close. The nostalgic effect of plants with simple but such pretty flowers is perhaps their strongest and most valuable trump card. Such flowers remind everyone of something specific, but they invariably also touch something else, hidden in the depth of the soul.

But plants with the simplest flowers also have other advantages.

In such cultures nothing distracts attention from the abundance of their flowers, turning bushes into real lively bouquets. Accents, festive decorations for the interior or meals cannot be found better than them. Simple plants with their amazing cheerfulness, optimism, cheerfulness in small live bouquets can achieve the effect that even the best of bulbs cannot. The smartness of cultures with simple flowers is similar to the perception of bright chintz fabrics and any brightly colored patterns, they have a similar effect on our emotional and psychological state.

Such cultures make the impression of the best formal, well-groomed, exclusive plants, enliven the interior similar to the luxurious landscaping of summer terraces and balconies, containers and recreation areas. Parade, ornate and surprisingly cheerful, they always seem summery and temporary. That their beauty seems so impermanent and transient is not at all deceptive for most room plants with simple flowers: almost all of them are annuals or short-lived perennials, which can be grown in perennial culture only with some effort.

The best indoor plants with simple flowers
The bellflower of the equal-leaved (Campanula isophylla).

The only big disadvantage of cultures with simple flowers is that they achieve the highest decorativeness only during flowering, and the rest of the year they remain unassuming and not attracting any attention as background bushes. But the few weeks or even months during which they start to put out lovely flowers is worth any anticipation and any effort to find the right conditions for them during their resting period.

Let's get to know the amazing room "simpletons" and their lovely flowers a little bit better.

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