'Tabu Trio' - Safe Pre-Sowing Prevention Of Potato Diseases And Pests

Many experienced vegetable growers will say with certainty: To get a rich harvest of potatoes, you need not just good planting material, but well prepared planting material. Lack of proper pre-sowing treatment can nullify all subsequent efforts to grow the crop. Timely fertilizing, watering, disease and weed control, weeding and hilling are powerless if the planting material has not been properly prepared and is contaminated.

'Tabu TRIO' - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests
Lack of proper pre-sowing treatment can negate all subsequent efforts to grow the crop

Potato diseases

Potato black scab, or rhizoctonia, is a dangerous disease to which potato tubers are prone. The pathogen can live in the soil and on tubers for several years without revealing itself. But under favorable conditions - high humidity and cold - the disease will make itself felt. The young sprouts of potatoes, barely appeared, will start to wither for no apparent reason. But even if the plant is not dead, later it will lag behind in growth, not getting enough nutrients. And to get a good harvest from such bushes can not.

Another danger that often lurks potato tubers - all kinds of rot and, in particular, fusarium. This disease also transmits through the soil and often slows down the growth of bushes, or even causes them to dry out. Yields with fusariosis drop significantly. But the tubers may look quite healthy for the time being. In two to three months of storage, the affected tubers die, infecting at the same time and healthy potatoes, nearby. If the disease is not detected and prevented in time, the whole harvest of potatoes may be lost

'Tabu TRIO' - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests
If the disease is not spread in time, the whole harvest may be lost

Potato pests

Most of the enemies of planting potatoes is the Colorado potato beetle. This "beautiful" striped insect is able to devour all the leaves in a short time, leaving only the shoots and depriving the tubers of valuable nutrition, and thus - and growth. It is difficult and often impossible to defeat this pest, because it has already adapted to many insecticides. And it is not always possible to treat plantations thoroughly, especially if the plantation size is large.

The weevil is one more bane of potato plantations. It can be found only during harvesting, when the numerous holes and passages on tubers can be clearly seen. The click beetle larvae, which we call wireworms, are poorly studied, just like the beetle itself, so the results are not guaranteed.

'Tabu TRIO' - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests
The Colorado beetle
'Tabu TRIO' - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests
The larvae of the Colorado beetle
'Tabu TRIO' - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests
The wireworm is the larva of the The Colorado potato beetle

potato prevention from diseases and pests

To prevent diseases and pests potato tubers before planting experienced gardeners treat tubers in three, and sometimes in four stages. First, they stimulate the germination of eyeballs, using growth stimulants. Then they are treated against various diseases. Next - a nutrient solution is poured into the soil and sprayed on the tubers and, finally, treated with insecticides against pests.

But modern science does not stand still and today there is a way to prepare for planting of tubers of potatoes, spending a minimum amount of time and effort.

'Tabu TRIO' - safe pre-sowing prevention of potato diseases and pests
"Tabu TRIO" - an integrated protection of potatoes from diseases, Colorado potato beetle, wireworm and weather stress

"Tabu TRIO" - a triple protection of potatoes

All problems mentioned above you can solve with the preventive treatment of planting material with only one protectant. The firm "August" offers a modern solution - preparation "Tabu TRIO" which features three directions of action simultaneously:

  • promotes soil pathogens for the period of 12 weeks;
  • protects from the Colorado potato beetle for up to 45 days;
  • from the wireworm for the whole season;
  • improves immunity and increases the crop through increased formation and growth of tubers;
  • enhances stress resistances to the environmental changes.

The use of Tabu TRIO is also attractive from the economic point of view - buying one product instead of three, you save money.

How to use "Tabu TRIO"?

Tabu TRIO" contains 3 ampoules which should be diluted in 500 ml of water in turn. After stirring thoroughly, the solution is poured into a sprayer and the tubers are sprayed. You no longer need to treat your potatoes three times with different preparations - "Tabu Trio" will do everything in one step!

"Tabu Trio" is a combination of 3 active substances: 500 g/l imidacloprid, 75 g/l fludioxonil, 500 mg/l colloidal silver. One package is designed to process 50 kg of potato tubers.

When using the "Tabu TRIO", pre-sowing preparation of potatoes will consist of only two steps - the selection of the seed material, because it is very important to select the most high-quality and healthy tubers for planting and their treatment with a solution of the preparation.

Happy harvest!

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