Some Of The Best Bee-Pollinated Cucumbers For Any Weather!

Pollinated cucumbers are indispensable for the gardener. They grow well and give a large crop in the open air. Through pollination these cucumbers are much tastier and healthier, since the seeds formed in the fruits contain large amounts of vitamins and carbohydrates.

Some of the best bee-pollinated cucumbers for any weather!

The presence of male flowers in the bee-pollinated hybrids helps prevent overloading the plants with a crop. Slow fruit growth prevents overgrowth. Even non-pollinated ovaries (mini-picles) can be preserved. Cucumber bee-pollinated hybrids are more resistant to diseases and pests. They are shade-tolerant, with reduced requirement for the sum of effective temperatures, the fruits accumulate more biologically active substances. And they simply have no equal in pickling!

It is generally accepted that the salting qualities of bee-pollinated hybrids are superior to parthenocarpic, as they have denser fruit consistency and richer mineral composition. And it is important that lower requirements for light conditions make it possible to grow bee-pollinated hybrids in most light zones.

Making the right choice of bee-pollinated cucumber hybrids for growing on your own plot is not so easy when they are so diverse in stores. AELITA Agro Company will help our dear gardeners with the choice of hybrids, which are not afraid of the vagaries of nature, such as we saw last summer, and the use of which is always guaranteed a rich harvest.

Cucumber "Kumanek F1" - one of the most reliable bee-pollinated hybrids for the open field. Strong plants have a strong root system that is active in all types of soils. The combination of female type of flowering, partial parthenocarpy and high resistance to most diseases allows you to get an excellent harvest in any, even quite cool and rainy summer. The first harvest of fruits is carried out on day 46-48 after sprouting. Seedlings are straight, 10-12cm long, coarsely tuberose, crisp and juicy. Characterized by a great refreshing taste and a pleasant aroma and never bitter. The yield of market cucumbers reaches 100%! An important feature of fruits is that they keep a thick consistency and do not become soft after heat treatment. This means that they are best suited for getting delicious pickles with sterilization. The hybrid is also excellent for pickling in jars and barrels. After eating the fruit for a long time retain excellent consumer qualities, excellent transport over long distances. The Kumanek F1 hybrid is easy to care for and succeeds well with both experienced and novice gardeners.

Some of the best bee-pollinated cucumbers for any weather!

Cucumber "Babies on a branch F1" is a super-popular bee-pollinated hybrid. It is chosen for its excellent yield and early green shoots not only by gardeners, but also by farmers, which allows them to produce cucumbers for sale earlier than others, guaranteed to repay all costs and get a tangible profit. Plants are predominantly female type of flowering, forming 2-3 cucumbers per node. Thanks to the abundance of ovaries, the fruits do not overgrow, and the plants give a harvest evenly and prolonged. Greens are short, of equal size, 9-10 cm long, have an excellent taste, juicy and crispy. Good fresh and in pickling. Cucumbers without cavities inside and are not bitter at all, even if the plants were rarely watered.

Some of the best bee-pollinated cucumbers for any weather!

Cucumber "No Trouble F1®" is a bee-pollinated hybrid, which fully justifies its name. It is very easy to care for, early maturing, not afraid of temperature changes, withstands insufficient light, resistant to disease and produces abundant fruit until the end of September. This is one of the few hybrids of this type that can give 4-5 kg/m2 of marketable fruits per month. Cucumbers with thin skin, dense and crisp, are never bitter. Although the standard size of greens is 8-10 cm, they can be harvested in a smaller size. They are excellent for obtaining delicate pickled gherkins.

Some of the best bee-pollinated cucumbers for any weather!

Cucumber "Pampered F1" is an early-ripening bee-pollinated hybrid that surpasses most other cucumbers in its pickling qualities. It is also characterized by bunch formation of ovaries - 2-3 cucumbers consistently formed in a node. Zelenets weigh about 80 g, attractive appearance, with large tubercles and black spikes. The special internal structure of the fruits ensures their density and absence of voids. The plants give such a huge number of crispy cucumbers that they can be pickled by the whole barrels according to the old, time-tested recipes. This bee-pollinated hybrid is very fruitful both in the open air and in greenhouses starting from 45-48 days after sprouting. Plants of female type of flowering, with partial parthenocarpy, which means that part of the greens develop without pollination by bees and the harvest will be even in bad weather. Cucumbers are short, weighing 100-110 g, do not turn yellow, genetically without bitterness. When canned, they remain as dense and crispy as freshly picked from the bed. Its yield is so big that it will be enough for fresh salads in summer and canning for winter as well as treating neighbors. Shows excellent results and under the film shelter and in the open field - up to 11 kg of cucumbers per square meter. It begins to give the harvest a little later than other cucumbers, but its active fruiting is much longer, when most hybrids already begin to dry out. Numerous greens are attractive due to their small size (9-10 cm), large tubercles, and excellent taste: they are not bitter, filled to the brim with juice and temptingly crunchy. The advantage of the hybrid is its high resistance to cladosporiosis, true and false powdery mildew.

Some of the best bee-pollinated cucumbers for any weather!

A note: Experienced agronomists recommend growing several hybrids with different periods of fructification on the same plot, as this promotes normal bee pollination. In addition, the response of hybrids to climatic conditions of the year is also different. Therefore, the use of several (2-3) hybrids is the key to a guaranteed harvest.

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Some of the best bee-pollinated cucumbers for any weather!

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