Plant 'Azhur' And Everything Will Be 'Azhur'!

Decorate your vegetable garden with an "openwork pattern" by growing vegetable crops from the "Openwork" series. Give your vegetable garden an author's style! All varieties of the series are characterized by high yield and attractiveness of the harvest. These are the most beloved vegetables that we are used to! The series includes such crops as peas, table beets, radishes, carrots, watermelon, zucchini, tomato, onions, sweet peppers, parsley leaf, pumpkin, cucumber, potatoes. Read more about some of them!

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Vegetable crops from the series "Azhur" from the agricultural company "SeDeK"

Tomato Azhur F1

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Tomato Azhur F1 from the agricultural company "SeDeK"

Tomato Azhur F1 , part of the "Fat tomatoes" series, is well-known to gardeners. The plant in the greenhouse during the season yields up to 8 kg of fruit. The fruits are red, powerful, fleshy, "fat", weighing 250-300 g or more. These tomatoes are suitable for fresh consumption, perfectly stored, transportable. Plants hybrid Azhur determinant, height no more than 1 m. They fruit abundantly in the middle belt, and in the southern regions in the open field, under the film shelter and in greenhouses. Plants are well foliated, the leaves reliably cover fruits from sunlight.

Cucumber Ajur F1

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Cucumber Ajur F1 from agrofirm "SeDeK"

Cucumber Ajur F1 - parthenocarpic (not requiring pollination) early maturing hybrid, which is highly resistant to disease (cucumber mosaic virus, powdery mildew), temperature changes, low light. Azhur F1 grows well in the greenhouse, and under film coverings, and in the open ground. In a season with 1 sq. m can collect up to 17 kg of fragrant fruits. Due to the dark green dense skin, they are suitable for storage and transportation. The fruits are very beautiful, uniformly colored, with large tubercles, without bitterness. Greens are ideal for fresh consumption, for making pickles, and for winter canning. If the balcony or loggia of your apartment overlooks a well-lit side, organize a "cucumber bed" by growing Azhur F1 in a pot.

Perry sweet Azhur F1

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Perry sweet Azhur F1 from agrofirm "SeDeK"

Perry sweet Azhur F1 differs particularly large size of fruits. These are rarely found - red, cube-shaped, thick-walled (wall thickness - up to 1 cm). Plants are powerful, require support, otherwise they can break under the weight of the fruit (mass of each - up to 350 g). Yield - 8-10 kg per 1 sq. m. The hybrid is resistant to a complex of pepper diseases. The fruits are dense enough to be transported over long distances and stored for several months.

Courgette Azhur F1

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Courgette Azhur F1 from Agrofirm "SeDeK"

Courgette Azhur F1 gives up to 10 fruits at a time on one plant, dressed in a traditional white-green "shirt. Resistance to powdery mildew and other diseases and stresses only works to increase yields. Plants are very compact, making efficient use of the vegetable garden area. Cut the fruits at the stage of milky ripeness and use them in pickling, barbecue, for kebabs (small fruits can be strung whole on a skewer), for frying, baby and diet food. And overgrown fruits can be processed into vegetable caviar.

Pumpkin Azhur honey

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Pumpkin Azhur honey from the agricultural company "SeDeK"

Pumpkin Azhur honey . The name of the variety is not accidental: the flesh of the pumpkin is yellow-orange, rich in sugars and carotene, and very sweet. It can be eaten in almost all forms: in porridges, juices, fried and baked. Weight of the fruit is about 9 kg, color - light gray. The variety is drought-resistant, suitable for transportation and long-term storage.

Azhur Sweet F1

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Azhur Sweet F1 watermelon from agrofirm SeDeK

Azhur Sweet F1 gives rounded light green fruits with dark green fuzzy stripes, weighing 8-12 kg. According to the name (sweet in English) flesh is very tasty, crisp, juicy, sweet (sugar content - up to 12%). Per plant you can get 24-28 kg of fruit. The hybrid is resistant to diseases and well tolerated even for long distances. The experience of the company "SeDeK" shows that watermelon can be grown even in the open field in the conditions of central Russia.

Carrot Azhur

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Carrot Azhur from the agricultural company "SeDeK"

Carrot Azhur - a medium-ripening variety. Roots are conical, with a blunt tip, beautiful orange in color, smooth, 16-20 cm long, weighing 150-200 g. Their core is thin and bright. The flesh is dense, juicy, sweet, and high in carotene. Root crops are perfectly stored in winter. They are recommended to eat fresh, canned and frozen. Azhur is resistant to blooming.

Azhur beets

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Azhur table beets from the agricultural company "CeDeK"

Table beets Azhur - one of the best early maturing varieties, which plants form a small half-rectangular rosette of leaves. The rounded red smooth root vegetables weighing 110-200g have an excellent taste, do not form white rings, are perfect for salads and also for eating fresh. The variety is cold hardy, resistant to blooming. Ajur consistently gives a high yield, roots are well stored in winter.

Redish Ajur F1

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Redish Ajur F1 from agrofirm "SeDeK"

Redish Ajur F1 just 18 days can form beautiful short-cylindrical pink-red root vegetables with white tips weighing 25-30 g. Their flesh is white, juicy, weakly spicy. Azhur is resistant to drought and blooming. In one season you can get 3-4 crops of radishes. If you harvest the root crops in time, they will not coarse, the plants will not go into arrow. They are perfect for fresh salads and okroshki.

Onions Azhur

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Cucumber Azhur from the agricultural company "SeDeK"

Onions Azhur Ideal for early greens or a beautiful standard bulb in the summer. A large bulb (150-200 g) can be grown from seed in one season. Its dry scales are golden, juicy - white, taste - semi-acute. The variety is resistant to fusarium and drought. The bulbs store perfectly.

Peas Azhur F1

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Peas Azhur from the agricultural company "CeDeK"

Peas Azhur - early peas husking variety. They are used as food pea grains. From sprouting to harvesting it takes 60-75 days. Each pod contains 7-8 large green sweet peas with high protein content. Azhur plants are resistant to lodging. The pea seeds are best sown in 2-3 terms with an interval of 10-15 days to obtain a continuous vegetable conveyor.

Leaf parsley Azhur

Plant 'Azhur' and everything will be 'Azhur'!
Parsley leaf Azhur from the agricultural company "SeDeK"

Parsley leaf Azhur - an early (55-60 days) high-yielding variety. The rosette is semi-spreading, with a large number of large, bright green, tender, juicy leaves with a strong aroma and a pleasant taste. Yields 2.5-3 kg/m². Value varieties: cold hardiness, high content of essential oils and mineral salts, fast regrowth after cutting. Recommended for use in fresh, dried and frozen form in home cooking, seasoning for pickles and marinades.

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