Orchids: Types And Rules Of Feeding

You want to see an orchid in bloom all year round? We will share the secrets of its care.

Orchids: types and rules of feeding
The elegant and refined orchid is a unique plant

The elegant and refined orchid is a unique plant, it cannot be classified as an ordinary flowering crop. The form of growth, the requirements for growing conditions, the type of rhizome - this plant has everything different from other types of representatives of the flora! Some orchids grow in room conditions, hardy and not very fastidious, others - capricious plants that need special showcases, greenhouses. Exquisite flowers and care require special, competent feeding and proper watering. Organomineral fertilizer "Reasil® for orchids" by "SILA LIFE" will provide orchids with luxuriant blossoms, guarantees the growth and health of the plant and enhances the coloration of green parts and flowers.

Orchids: types and rules of feeding
Fertilizer "Reasil® for orchids"

Fertilizer "Reasil® for orchids" helps even the beginners to master all the details of care for fastidious beauties thanks to the proven advantages:

  • efficiency - each ingredient of the fertilizer enhances the effect of the other components on the plant, so Reasil® works simultaneously in several directions;
  • Inexpensive price and economical consumption;
  • Orchidia receives the necessary nutrition - amino acids, natural humic acids from leonardite and other organic substances, as well as the vitamin complex, macro- and microelements;
  • Risk of phytotoxicity is excluded even for sensitive plants, as the fertilizer contains no synthetic chelated compounds.
Orchids: types and rules of feeding
The delicate flowers and care require special, competent feeding and correct watering

Feed the orchid regularly, except for the periods when the flowers open and the plant releases the pedicels, after flowering, when the relative dormancy period begins, and also when replanting - 2 weeks before and within 2 weeks after it. But in March with the growth of roots, the sprouting of new leaves and buds, fertilization is mandatory. The main rule is moderation.

From June to August it is necessary to give the flower additional nutrition in a full dose: 1 time in 2 weeks. All autumn until the end of November - a doubled dose of nutrition at the same time as reducing watering prepares the plant for intensive formation of flower stalks. Follow all the recommendations and the orchid will bloom like a dream in December.

Orchids: types and rules of feeding

The foliar treatment with Reasil® for orchids is done once every 2 weeks. Dilute 5 ml of the fertilizer in 10 liters of water. For the root treatment of indoor orchids take the proportion 5 ml of the product for 5 liters of water, soak the ground once a week, and the open ground - every 10 days, treating 10 liters of the solution every 6 sq.m. area. The concentrate does not store in the diluted state, so dilute it on the basis of 1 time. Shake the bottle with the concentrate before use.

With the effective and safe organomineral fertilizer "Reasil® for orchids" you provide the plants with nutrition and get a lush and bright bloom.

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