'Lazurit' - Reliable And Safe Protection Of Potatoes From Weeds

What do you need to get a good crop of potatoes? Many gardeners, answering this question, will say - good seed, fertile soil, timely watering and fertilizing. They are right, of course. But there is one negative factor that can significantly reduce the yield of potatoes, despite the fulfillment of the above conditions - weeds. Plantations overgrown with weeds fail to produce a rich potato crop, and repeated weeding is one of the most time-consuming procedures in caring for this crop. Luckily today we can grow potatoes without exhausting weeding and without weeds.

'Lazurit' - reliable and safe protection of potatoes from weeds
What does it take to get a good potato harvest?

What do weeds hurt the potatoes?

Weeds often appear even before the potato shoots have emerged and are a real competitor for moisture, nutrients and space in the sun. But that is not the worst of all - many kinds of weeds attract different kinds of insects-pests and disease carriers!

often found in potato plantations ragweed, terrible not only because of its allergic effect. Numerous seeds of this weed keep germinating for up to 8 years, and its powerful root extending 4 meters deep pulls from the soil not only moisture, but also the potassium necessary for potatoes.

The roots of couch grass, no less strong and thin, often pierce the tubers through and cause rotting of tubers.

The conclusion suggests itself - weeds in potato plantings must be fought.

Weeding potatoes - hard work and short-term effect

The most popular way to combat weeds from ancient times - weeding. All kinds of hoes, cultivators and other manual and mechanized garden tools are used for this purpose. All these tools help for a while to achieve a positive result in the destruction of weeds, but take too much time and effort.

Even if the area set aside for potatoes is very small, you have to work hard to clear it of weeds. And the saddest thing is that these activities will have to be repeated more than once. After all, the roots left in the soil will sprout again. And the seeds of many weeds can lie in the ground for many years, not losing their germination and waiting for an opportunity to come up. A small piece of a root left in the soil is enough for many weeds: the plant will rise up again and give seeds in a short period of time.

'Lazurit' - reliable and safe protection of potatoes from weeds
Lazurite selective action herbicide does not harm potato shoots

Lazurite - a modern alternative to ineffective weeding

Agost offers a modern herbicide selective action Lazurite to combat weeds. This unique preparation destroys weeds (both at the stage of seedlings and adults), does not negatively affect potatoes.

"Lazurite" is active against a large number of weeds - swanrifer, milkweed, thistle, ragweed, Scirrel and many others. The list includes about 50 widespread weeds. Herbicide is absorbed mainly by plant roots and partially through the leaves, affecting not only the emerged weeds but their seedlings as well. Thus the emergence of the second wave of weeds is significantly reduced.

Advantages of "Lazurit"

  • selective herbicide does not harm potato shoots;
  • kills weeds both before and after shoots;
  • Kills weeds in 10-20 days;
  • protective effect lasts 1-2 months.
'Lazurit' - reliable and safe protection of potatoes from weeds
"Lazurite" - an indispensable tool in fighting the weeds on potatoes

How to use "Lazurite" to kill the weeds?

"Lazurite" is a very economical drug - for soil treatment before the weeds sprout you only need to dissolve 10 g of powder in 3 liters of water. And this solution is enough to treat 100m² of soil. 10 gr of the preparation should be dissolved in 9 liters of water to kill the already sprouted weeds. This solution is enough to treat 300m² of soil. The only thing to keep in mind is that the treatment must be absolutely safe while the potato foliage has not grown more than 5 cm long.

Lazurite is a modern herbicide and, like any chemical means of protection, has its own safety requirements. The enclosed instructions describe in detail how to use the herbicide - how to prepare a solution and the rules of work with the drug.

These are simple and easy to do, and the result is a healthy crop, environmentally friendly and no exhausting weeding!

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