Genetically Modified Vegetables Or Vegetables From The Garden?

Healthy food for a healthy lifestyle

Main micronutrients and vitamins for a healthy diet are contained in vegetables, cereals and fruits. They saturate the body with all the necessary substances for human development.

Genetically modified vegetables or vegetables from the garden?
Healthy food is a guarantee of a healthy lifestyle

Do not, however, all that is bought in stores, is useful. As the atomic bomb in the near past, the invention of artificial fruits and vegetables through genetic engineering leaves its mark on human life and health.

Everybody heard about genetically modified fruits and vegetables, their acronym is GMO.

What is GMO?

Genetic engineering (genetic engineering) is a set of methods of molecular genetics aimed at the artificial creation of new gene combinations not found in nature. That is, the difference between genetic engineering and breeding is that one does not cross tomatoes with tomatoes to obtain new varieties, but tomatoes with tulips, tomatoes with grasshoppers, and so on. This replaces one of the genes in the original product with a new gene, and you will never be able to recognize for yourself exactly in which part of the DNA this has happened. Simply put, even in the laboratory to distinguish the GMO product from the non-GMO product is very difficult.

Till now there is no scientific confirmation of the effect of GMO products on the human body, although cases of diseases and poisoning recorded enough. Especially Chinese, American, Latin American, African, Indian, Argentine producers make sin with genetic developments. Transgenic bananas, oranges, apples, grapes, kiwi, strawberries - all of them are subject to genetic modifications.

Genetically modified vegetables or vegetables from the garden?
What is GMO?

GMO foods: how to distinguish?

The probability of GMO content in food products can be calculated by studying the composition on the label. In this case, the product contains some types of E index: Soy lecithin or E-322 lecithin - otherwise E-101 and E-101A; caramel (E-150) and xanthan (E-415); E-153, E-160d, E-161c, E-308-9, E-471, E-472a, E-473, E-475, E-476b, E-477, E-479a, E-570, E-572, E-573, E-620, E-621, E-622, E-633, E-624, E-625, E-951. Sometimes GMO-components can be hidden by such words: soy oil; aspartame, aspasvit, aspamix - sweeteners; glucose; dextrose; maltodextrin - type of starch; vegetable oil and vegetable fats; modified starch.

But this analysis refers only to multicomponent food products.

It turns out that it is much safer and more enjoyable to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

Genetically modified vegetables or vegetables from the garden?
GMO foods: how to distinguish?


Why should you think about the contents of bought vegetables and fruits when juicy, ripe, healthy tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, pears, grapes, strawberries are waiting for you when you come to the cottage and collect their rich harvest?

If you grow your garden on environmentally clean land using the new generation of organic fertilizers, your products will be full of vitamins, microelements, useful substances. Effectively and naturally. The only helpers for this are humic acids. The highest concentration of humic acids in the world (95%) is found in humic leonardite, which is used in organic farming. In contrast to genetically modified fruits and vegetables, the fruits and vegetables grown with the humic leonardite soil improver are completely natural, healthy and tasty.

Genetically modified vegetables or vegetables from the garden?
Humic leonardite soil improver

The point is that humic acids are the "skeleton" of soil fertility. They strengthen the structure, create a useful microflora in the soil, deliver useful macro- and micronutrients to plants for complete nutrition. The soil improver helps to achieve high quality of harvest at minimum investments, that is why this preparation is actively used by farmers, dacha owners and vegetable growers all over the world!

We can be sure only in our actions, but as for healthy nutrition, it is really in our hands.

Grow fruits and vegetables for yourself, and enjoy all the beauties of a healthy life!

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