From 'Moth' To 'Alligator. What Kind Of Cucumbers Do You Choose?

Cucumber is not as simple a crop as it seems at first glance. The variety of varieties and hybrids is so great that you just have to look for a place in the greenhouse to try the maximum. Let's break down what varieties of cucumbers can be distinguished? This is an unofficial classification, we are guided only by the appearance of fruits and their culinary purpose.

From 'moth' to 'alligator. What kind of cucumbers do you choose?
Cucumbers from the company "SeDeK"

Cucumbers - "alligators"

Despite the exotic, these cucumbers have a huge number of fans. It's all about their appearance (the length of large-bush fruits up to 45 cm!), yield (you are always with the crop, some of which even have to give away), adaptability (they give a crop in the greenhouse almost any summer) and taste. These are some of the most delicious types of cucumbers, the flavor of which is able to summon to the table itself all the inhabitants of the apartment or country house. With such fruits the victory in dacha photo contests will be yours!

The varieties of this group: , Emerald Stream F1, Snake Tempter, Real Man F1, Chinese Resistant F1 series (disease-, heat-, Cold-resistant

From 'moth' to 'alligator. What kind of cucumbers do you choose?
Cucumbers "alligators" up to 45 cm long

Mini Cornichons

Fruits have a completely different purpose here. This is a preparation. But the preparations are not easy. It is cucumbers of this group that are able to form small fruits 2-4 cm long, which are not inferior to standard greens by their crunch and density of flesh. And their shape is completely different: they are not elongated ovaries, but small "barrels". These cucumbers can be harvested at different stages and make them into different preparations in separate jars: fruits of 2-4 cm, 4-6 cm and 6-8 cm. Believe me, if you put on the table a small jar with small crunchy fruits, they will go quickly, literally as seeds: eat and do not stop!

The varieties of this group: Son of the regiment F1, Filippok F1, Moth F1, Boyscout F1. All of them are bee-pollinated and can be grown both in the open field and in the greenhouse.

From 'moth' to 'alligator. What kind of cucumbers do you choose?
Cucumbers Filippok F1 - for different types of preparations

Standard Cornichons

These are favorite cucumbers 11-13 cm long. It is very important to choose varieties without bitterness, with dense flesh, which will not fail neither in preparations, nor in fresh use.

The varieties of this group: parthenocarpic hybrids from the "Musical" series: Mozart F1, Salieri F1, Richter F1, Prokofiev F1, Bethoven F1, Chopin F1. We recommend them because they are the newest hybrids, which gathered all the best features of standard gherkins: dense, dark-green skin, which helps them not to spoil for a long time; absence of bitterness; juicy flesh with light sweetness of taste; high light lack resistance, resistance to diseases. Mozart F1 and Salieri F1 earlier, begin fruit-bearing in 43-45 days after sprouting and give an amazingly abundant yield - 17-26 kg/m2!

From 'moth' to 'alligator. What kind of cucumbers do you choose?
Cucumbers Salieri F1 - standard universal cucumbers-ornichons

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