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Your Flowers Are Protected By Biological Fungicides

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Tips of an experienced florist, a member of the club "Florists of Moscow", Elena

With the preparations Alirin-B and Gamair I met in 2009, they literally saved both phlox and my reputation as a florist. In the spring of that year, the phlox section of the Club "Florists of Moscow" decided to organize a phloxarium in the Aptekarsky ogorod on Prospekt Mira (a branch of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University). In early spring, phloxes with closed root system were purchased. I have never seen the worst planting material, the little phloxies were stunted with spots on the leaves. There was no question of planting them, or sending them to the Botanical Garden in Kiev, to add to my phlox collection. For a month there was literally a struggle for the life of the babies with Alirina-B and Hamair. After a month the planting material was saved, it could be planted and given away.

Your flowers are protected by biological fungicides
Bouquet of flowers

This is how I was convinced that the drugs really work. Even before I tried to use chemical fungicides as little as possible, and since 2009 I completely switched to biological products. I gradually developed a system of flower crops protection using Alirin-B, Hamair and Gliokladin.


The best results are observed when phloxes are treated before planting and then - several times during the season during vegetation. The phlox planting material should be soaked for 1-2 hours in a solution of Alirin-B and Hamair (1 tablet +1 tablet / 1 liter of water), then you can plant. After rooting, a Gliocladin tablet should be placed near the roots. Phloxes often suffer from verticillosis, and the use of Gliocladin is a necessary preventative measure. There are some nuances to be aware of when applying Gliocladin. The drug develops quickly and works well at 60-80% humidity and 14-27oC. So place one or two (depending on the size of the plant) pills Gliokladin in moistened soil in the root zone to a depth of 10 cm, mulch with organic matter and keep moist for at least a few days. It is important to apply the tablet in the root zone, because in the root zone the trichoderm (active ingredient Gliocladin) perfectly performs its functions, if the root system is far away, the spores do not germinate and quickly die.

According to my recommendation, the members of the phlox, peony, and rose sections have started using Alirin, Hamair, Gliocladin and have been pleased with the results.

Your flowers are protected by biological fungicides
Biological fungicide Alirin-B for flowers
Your flowers are protected by biological fungicides
Biological bactericide Gamair for flowers

Some phlox, untreated before planting, emerge from the ground in spring with warped leaves and shoots. After two treatments with the cocktail (1 tablet Alirina-B +1 tablet Hamair/1 L) dropped sick leaves and grew healthy beautiful bushes. During the growing season phloxes 2-3 more times preventively treated Alirinom B and Hamair , at the beginning of May in a concentration of 1 tab + 1tab / l, then after 2 weeks in a concentration of 2tab + 2tab / l, the third treatment in early June in a concentration of 2-3tab + 2-3tab / l. The third treatment is applied if there were a lot of diseases in the previous season. The prickly phlox, with beautiful leaves, is very prone to spotting. These drugs for them just a salvation.

Verticillosis - an insidious disease of phlox, begins a sudden withering of leaves and shoots, then the stems fall down. And it's not about the leaves, it's about the roots. Soil pathogen through the root system, damaged by pests or tools during tillage, gets into the vascular system of plants, clogs it and poisons it. And we see the result. It is interesting to use a mixture of Alirin-B and Hamair to treat Vertillosis in the initial stage. When the three-year-old shrub showed the following symptoms: yellowing of leaves and stems, retardation of diseased stems in growth, withering of leaves and desiccation of the stems, cut all the stems from the phlox to the ground, poured a liter of solution (2 tablets Alirin-B + 2 tablets Hamaira/1 l). Then, the cut bush was covered with garden soil and covered with a five-liter bottle to keep moisture. After a week, new healthy stems appeared. The treatment was carried out in July. Alirin with Hamair works well at the beginning of the disease, if the time is missed and the whole bush is affected, it is necessary to apply more radical measures.


Pionas are strongly affected by gray rot. It affects everything: leaves, stems, flowers, buds, there are sprawling spots. Of course, wet weather and overfeeding of nitrogen contribute to the disease. I came to a neighbor with a friendly visit, the mistress left, and there ... Poor peonies. I diluted Alirin-B with Hamair (5tabs + 5tabs/1l) and sprinkled. Everything! Peonies recovered, and by the arrival of the hostess everything was fine. Therefore, prevention and again prevention. And the treatment should be carried out with solutions of higher concentration than the prevention.

Your flowers are protected by biological fungicides
Biological soil fungicide Gliokladin for flowers
Your flowers are protected by biological fungicides
Biological soil fungicide Trichocin for flowers


Frequent diseases of roses - various spotting. To prevent the disease, the rose garden is treated 3-4 times before flowering, every two weeks with Alirin-B and Hamair solutions (2 tabs + 2 tabs/1l water), Gliocladin is used twice a season in spring and autumn. The leaves are clean, roses are growing and developing well. This year I bought Trichocin for the first time. In the package leaflet I read that for seedlings of flower crops it is recommended to wet the soil when planting seedlings, and for carrots maybe even spraying the soil before sowing the seeds. I will try to try soil spraying also when sowing the seeds of zinia and aster.

Biological fungicides can be used every season, they are recommended to treat not only plants but also the soil, they can be used for plants used in food.

I should say that in the garden should not fight pathogens, but the application of reasonable comprehensive measures that promote the development of healthy plants. It is necessary to use the whole complex of agrotechnical, physical and mechanical, biological methods. First of all, do not violate the rules of agrotechnics, do not plant phlox by phlox, etc. because of the accumulation of pests and pathogens. Be sure to engage in the improvement of soil: the introduction of compost, biohumus, sowing siderates.

Let your flowers please you as long as possible with their beauty! To learn where to buy Alirin-B, Gamair, Gliokladin and Trichocin you can visit or by phone +7(495) 781-15-26, 518-87-61, from 9:00 till 18:00

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