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Tomato Varieties That We Recommend To Grow In The 2019 Season

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Tomatoes... A tiny seed and a fragile sprout emerging from it, which, it seems, can be broken by a sharp breath... A powerful bush with many fruits... Perhaps no other crop allows the gardener to create so much (well, and create, of course, also - where else?), creating a rainbow of fruits of different colors, sizes and shapes on the beds. And how is a pleasure to pick tomato, feeling its flavor, feeling the warmth of the sun under the thin skin!

The main thing - do not be afraid, do not consider tomatoes a very difficult crop to grow. And, of course, choose the tastiest and most beautiful varieties. There are a lot of them, but now we would like to tell only about some, already deserved recognition of gardeners.

Tomato varieties that we recommend to grow in the 2019 season
What tomato varieties we recommend to grow in the season 2019

Tomato "Smuglyanka"

You think that earlier tomatoes were tastier? Try the fruits of the Smuglyanka tomato. This is a real treat! Their dark color is due to the mixture of carotenoids and anthocyanins, the most powerful natural antioxidants that prolong youth and increase immunity.

The large, 200-300g fruits can be both black-pink and almost chocolate, depending on growing conditions. The more light the plants get, the richer the color of the fruits will be. And by rationing the number of ovaries in the bunch, you can grow tomatoes weighing 600-800 grams! Sweet, fleshy tomatoes with tender juicy flesh and thin skin are a decoration for any table!

The plants are determinate, can grow up to 80 cm in the open ground, in a sheltered environment up to 1.5 m. So without tying and forming in 2 stems can not do! In the open ground, and even with the addition of potassium fertilizers, the fruits will be noticeably sweeter, though a little shallower.

Yield variety Darkie is high: under film covers with a square meter of bed can get up to 7-7.5 kg of fruit. However, like many other large-fruited tomatoes, these tomatoes can crack if watered unevenly. And if there is no possibility to water the plants regularly, it is worth to grow them under mulch - it will smooth out the temperature and moisture drops in the soil.

Tomato varieties that we recommend to grow in the 2019 season
Yield of sort "Darkie" is high: under film covers you can get up to 7-7.5 kg of fruit per square meter of bed

Tigerenok tomato

Amazing combination of beauty and taste! Strong indeterminant bush of cocktail tomatoes "Tiger cub" already from June begins to attract attention with the exotic color of green and ripening fruits. Complex shaped bushes with small, weighing 30-35 grams fruits need a garter, because each can contain from 8 to 20 beautiful tomatoes! Each of these tomatoes can have 8 or 20 beautiful, striated, and full-bodied tomato taste.

The peel is firm and resilient, and allows some liberties with watering; the tomatoes don't crack during transportation and can be stored for quite a long time. Exotically colored tomatoes are an excellent decoration for salads and an absolutely indispensable ingredient for whole-fruit canning and freezing.

The plants are undemanding to care, but for maximum results they are formed in one or two stems, tied and regularly nourished. With good farming techniques in the greenhouse you can get up to 9.5 kg of fruit per square meter. And (which is especially important for gardeners who come to the cottage only on weekends) these tomatoes can hang on the brush for a long time without crumbling.

Tomato varieties that we recommend to grow in the 2019 season
The powerful interterminal bush of the cocktail tomato "Tiger cub" already from June begins to attract attention with its exotic color of green and ripening fruits

Tomato "Puzatiki"

Pink with a pearly cast fleshy tomato fruits "Puzatiki" will impress any gardener. The fruits are large, weighing 150-200 grams (but if you ration the number of ovaries in the brush they can be up to 300 grams), with dense and tender flesh and thin skin. This is a great base for salads and all kinds of snacks. And what juice comes out of these sweet, without the strong acidity inherent in many varieties, tomatoes!

Starting to bear fruit in July, "Puzatiki" literally overwhelm you with fruit: under film covers, each plant is removed from 3.0-3.5 kg of fruit. Even these strong determinant bushes without garter will not resist!

By the way, this variety has another undeniable advantage: tomatoes, collected in the state of milky ripeness, perfectly ripen indoors, preserving their taste qualities.

Tomato varieties that we recommend to grow in the 2019 season
Starting to bear fruit in July, "Puzatiki" will literally overwhelm you with fruits: under film covers, each plant takes 3.0-3.5 kg of fruit

Tomato "Rum Baba"

Love tomatoes, but can not eat them because of allergies? Tired of thieves stealing your crop? Do you want to impress your friends and relatives with unusual tomatoes? Then Rum Baba is your choice. This hypoallergenic salad variety attracts attention by the unusual color of the ripe fruits: even at the peak of maturity they remain yellowish-green with emerald flesh on the cut.

Sweet and delicious, like an exotic fruit, with an unexpected melon flavor, it does not leave anyone indifferent, and the "Rum baba" tomato quickly becomes a "favorite".

It may seem that its yield may be small. But look closely - it is your pets periodically visit the bushes and quietly enjoy the ripe fruits! But thieves should not be afraid - they will disdain "unripe" tomatoes.

Indeterminant plants, need garter and shaping. It takes 110-115 days from sprouting to the first harvest of fruits. The fruits are large, the first - with good farming techniques and rationing of fruits in the brush - can weigh up to 500 g, subsequent - 200-300 g. Despite the thin skin, they almost do not crack. From green-fruit tomatoes turn out excellent salads, ketchups and juices ... if, of course, these delicious tomatoes are not eaten directly from the bush.

Tomato varieties that we recommend to grow in the 2019 season
Want to impress friends and family with unusual tomatoes? Then the choice is "Rum baba"

Tomato "Beef Pink F1"

Fleshy, fleshy tomatoes with a "sugar" flesh at the split, from the hand of American farmer Johann Henry Munster, who first created such a variety, called it beefsteak, or beef- as the Englishmen adapted the name.

The pink fruits are the best for salads, sandwiches and other dishes, where you need very large "meaty" tomatoes, almost without juice and seeds. They are excellent for making thick juices and sauces, baked in the oven, roasted with kebabs, and even canned as slices.

The harvest of the indeterminant tomato Beef Pink F1 is harvested starting in July. The fruits with a small "nose" on the top will cause a sensation in the market: 250-400 grams of tender flesh packed into a thin skin that can withstand transportation, coupled with excellent taste will not leave anyone indifferent. These tomatoes will never stay stale!

But to get an excellent yield, the plants need regular nutrition and ruthless single-stem formation. Remove all the stems! Otherwise, in the short summer the plant will not have time to show itself in all its glory. It will be useful to normalize the number of flowers in a brush (leave from 3 to 5 ovaries). This will allow obtaining large and evenly sized fruits. The rationing of the first two brushes is carried out during the blossoming of the third brush

Tomato varieties that we recommend to grow in the 2019 season
The harvest of the index tomato Beef Pink F1 is harvested starting from July

Tomato Beef King F1

Miracle Tomato! That's how those who have grown this indeterminant hybrid, Beef King F1, speak of it. Early maturing and large-fruited, it has a fantastic yield! In greenhouses it gives 15-20 kg of fruit per season from each square meter of area.

The tomato bacchanalia begins 96-100 days after sprouting. Several bunches of 6-8 fruits each form on the bush. The dense tomatoes of rich red color, aligned in shape and size, pleasing to the eye and ... the stomach.

If you leave 3-5 fruits in a batch, each will weigh 200-300 grams; without rationing, the total weight of the brush will increase, but the fruits themselves will be smaller. Sweet, juicy, fragrant, they are indispensable in summer salads and stuffing, sauces, tomato soups and juices.

Delivering the harvest, excellent keeping quality and transportability make the "Beef King F1" hybrid one of the best for both amateur gardeners and farmers engaged in realization of the grown crop. That's how those who grew it say about the indeterminant hybrid "Beef King F1"

We wish you a good harvest and good health!

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Tomato varieties that we recommend to grow in the 2019 season