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The Best Plants For A Small Kitchen

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Small kitchens remain one of the most problematic room types. It is difficult to choose even furniture and appliances for them, and the free space requires limiting the area for gardening to a minimum. But the lack of space is not a reason to reduce the number of flowering and ornamental-leaved crops. After all, the right choice of species and varieties of plants that are not large or plastic in their use will create psychological comfort and a healthy environment, will compensate for all the shortcomings and emphasize the style of the room. Tiny and vertical giants will cope with their tasks no worse than typical "kitchen" giants.

The best plants for a small kitchen
Wood plants in a small kitchen

Big problems of small kitchens

Architecture does not stand still, and in many modern residential projects kitchens really look more like a dream realization rather than a problem. But still the insufficient size of this one of the most important rooms in the house is much more common than comfortable spacious rooms. Tiny kitchens of old Soviet buildings and typical buildings or still modest in size kitchens of modern apartment buildings require ingenuity and imagination not only in the interior design and selection of furniture, but also in landscaping. After all, when space is limited, and need to accommodate so many things, plants are assigned almost the last role. And even in the tiny kitchen they are the main guarantor of a healthy atmosphere, comfort and clean air. And it would be a big mistake to ignore general rules of kitchen gardening.

Kitchens are rightly considered as rooms with high level of pollution and highly unstable environment. Here natural filters and air cleaners are even more important than in living rooms or bedrooms. Plants are the main helpers in creating a healthy environment. But if their filtration function is inferior to some others, it is their role as a harmonizing and creating psychological comfort. Without plants in the kitchen, where the number of not only furniture and appliances, but also utensils, small items and utensils exceeds any conceivable standard, you can not create a truly comfortable environment. Ideally, for every square meter of kitchen floor area you should introduce at least one houseplant into the interior. The minimum number of plants with which to green the kitchen is 3 large species or 5 small and medium plants.

Tiny kitchens have a reputation for being extremely problematic, and that small rooms have also advantages, one can not think about. But it is in small kitchens that the peculiarities of the kitchen microclimate in general and the peculiar environment that allows to grow plants which are uncomfortable in the rest of the house are shown most of all.

The main advantages of small area kitchens for growing plants are:

  1. High humidity that differs greatly from living rooms even if you have a powerful hood.
  2. Very good lighting even far from windows: The worktops in the kitchen are additionally lit, the intensity of artificial light in the kitchen is higher than in living rooms, creating a special light regime.
  3. Higher air temperatures, consistently warm content and day/night temperature difference which makes the small kitchen a most suitable place for humid tropical dwellers. Plants that love high humidity and long days of light, crops that suffer in normal living rooms, will do well here. In fact, a tiny kitchen is its own, special greenhouse with high temperatures or a real home greenhouse, which is worth using to grow special plants.

    The problem of achieving the desired result with the minimum space in which to place plants may seem unsolvable at first. But small kitchens offer new possibilities and perspectives and a chance for experimentation and imagination. Plants in them can be placed not horizontally, but vertically, using them to decorate the furniture and literally raising them to new heights. Preference should be given to plants that take up minimal space on the window sill and countertops, but have the most pronounced effect on the perception of the surrounding space.

    The size of plants for the design of tiny kitchens is of considerable importance. When space is limited, overly bulky crops can not only take away important functional space, but also make the room seem even smaller. In tiny kitchens not only dwarf species are used, but necessarily those plants that visually expand the room, can create spectacular vertical accents, allow the use of other planes in landscaping (which are grown in hanging pots or on the wall, on racks and shelves, etc. etc.).

    The best plants for a small kitchen
    Wall plants in a small kitchen

    Bromeliads, Aroids and Maranthus, ferns and orchids, indoor groundcovers and rare decorative-leaved stars feel comfortable in tiny kitchens. Desert plants that do not like high humidity, succulents and cacti cannot be used here. But the inhabitants of the humid tropics are just among the favorites of landscaping a small kitchen. Here will be appropriate:

    • indoor jasmine;
    • begonias;
    • iresina;
    • sinningia;
    • ivies;
    • pandanus;
    • fatsia;
    • aboutilon;
    • hedichium;
    • isola;
    • colleus;
  4. crossandra;
  5. decorative peppers;
  6. aucuba;
  7. hippeastrums;
  8. cordylina;
  9. mimosa;
  10. winchatka;
  11. filodendrons;
  12. cyclamen;
  13. episces;
  14. banana;
  15. brunfelsia;
  16. gardonia;
  17. hesneria;
  18. Hypoesthesia;
  19. columnea;
  20. manettia;
  21. Lantana;
  22. Ophiopogon;
  23. echmea;
  24. cyperus;
  25. sheflera;
  26. helxina;
  27. fatschedera;
  28. streptocarpus;
  29. sagovnik;
  30. siderasis;
  31. reo;
  32. peremia;
  33. pilea;
  34. senpolias.
  35. The favorite plants for small kitchens are the ones with the most vivid greenery, graphic and expressive power - aglaonema, alocasia, lady's slipper, bilbergeria, vriezia, guzmania, blechnum, celoginum, phanerophlebia sickle, sycamore, pachystachis, nephrolepis, maranta, ligodium, diffenbahia, mandevilla, dizigotheca, derbyanka.

    Let's take a closer look at the top five most spectacular plants for a small kitchen.

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