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The Best Plants For A Cold Northern Room

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Cold northern rooms are considered rare, but inadequate heating is more of a bonus for growing plants than a drawback. It is in such rooms that an ideal dormancy period can be arranged for many crops. And although the level of light still makes it necessary to carefully select candidates from among shade-tolerant and shade-loving stars, it is not difficult to call cold northern rooms in gardening.

The best plants for a cold northern room
Woody plants in a cold northern room. © Simon Watson

Perfect conditions for dormancy and beyond

Cold rooms are those in which the temperature of the air remains between 10 and 15 degrees in winter. All cold rooms are similar to each other by temperature conditions, but Southern, Eastern, Western and Northern rooms are fundamentally different in light conditions and require a different approach to plant selection.

Lack of heating or poor insulation of a room facing North is not so rare. North-facing windows are not considered the best option for living rooms, not only in terms of landscaping, but also in terms of comfort. Therefore, rooms that do not need to maintain a special microclimate and stable high temperature, not used constantly and daily, playing only an important practical role, often "put" in the plans is on the north side. The functional purpose of the rooms to reduce the level of heating, and any objective circumstances that create a cooler environment, in terms of landscaping - absolutely identical factors, but far from being a problem. After all, no other room creates such opportunities.

Conditions in such rooms are often considered similar to those in foyers, lobbies and halls. But unlike the latter, living rooms are not characterized by constant temperature variations. If for a cool hall plants are selected only from cultures not afraid of draughts, for cool northern rooms such characteristics are not suitable.

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In order to pick up plants for cold northern rooms two main factors should be considered:

  1. Lack of light even on the windowsill, requiring the selection of plants able to grow in the shade.
  2. Low temperatures during the cold period, creating conditions for cool and pronounced dormancy.

Cool northern rooms are the ideal environment for plants that are difficult to grow in living rooms with normal temperatures. All crops that require cool maintenance during dormancy or other certain periods of development will happily settle here. Sometimes lower temperatures are necessary for plants during the flowering period, not the other way around, like cyclamen or rhododendrons, chrysanthemums and gerberas. But still most of the crops that can be called the real stars of the design of northern rooms are plants that in other rooms in the house simply cannot be kept in the right conditions during a pronounced stage of complete or almost complete rest.

The best plants for a cold northern room
Wall plants for northern rooms

Sunlight even on the windowsill in northern rooms is many times less than in rooms standard for plants in eastern or western orientation. And precisely because of this, only plants that can be grown in the penumbra or shade are suitable for such rooms. Flowering cultures are placed here only with extra light. Tolerant penumbra and light shade, allowing the introduction of plants into the interior of the usual light rooms, culture in the northern rooms are placed only on the windowsills in the first row. Only those plants that really need minimum light can be placed near the window in the northern room interior.

Appropriate for the design of cold and cool rooms plants should be sought among shade loving and shade tolerant species. Most of the recommended crops for growing in rooms with north-facing windows, which are cooler than the rest of the rooms in the house, come from the subtropics. Admittedly, you can't grow plants from the humid subtropics in a northern room, and you should focus on the range of plants naturally found in the dry subtropics - American, Australian, Mediterranean endemics, and plants native to Southwest Africa.

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The plants that will grow well in such conditions include:

  • araucaria;
  • cissus;
  • soleirolia;
  • tradescantia;
  • gortensia;
  • myrtle;
  • pepper;
  • cypressus;
  • aukuba;
  • aspidistra;
  • hickory;
  • dergination;
  • cypress;
  • tolmia;
  • ruellia;
  • pahizandra;
  • tis;
  • neerine;
  • cryptomeria.

Let's take a closer look at the plants that can be used in the design of cold northern rooms.

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