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The Best Ornamental Deciduous Groundcovers For An Alpine Hill

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Alpine slides are an indispensable element of garden design. And the matter is not only in imitation of the special charm of mountainous corners, but also in the expansion of opportunities to grow plants in the garden that prefer stony, light and dry soils. In symbiosis with a stone to fully reveal their beauty of the best of ornamental deciduous climbing plants. After all, it's in alpinaries that hardy groundcovers show the beauty of both their textures and color to the fullest.

The best ornamental deciduous groundcovers for an alpine hill
Groundcover, ornamental-leaved plants for the alpine hill. © David Beaulieu

Leaves are the basis of the design of any Alpine garden

Alpine slides are mostly prized for their ability to grow rare, unique, touching beautiful flowering plants. But the basis of landscaping of any rocky landscape is not at all edelweiss and crocuses, but plants quite different. For any groundcover that creates openwork or dense coverings, flowering is just a nice bonus to the shoots and leaves. There are such garden cultures in which greenery is, without exaggeration, the main pride.

Decorative-leaved crops for alpine design, as commonly thought, are inferior in popularity to beautifully flowering groundcovers. They are thought of them last, as a tool to create a more natural transitions and harmonize the appearance of the hill. And completely in vain: plants in which the most attractive part is not the flowering, and the leaves - not an auxiliary tool in the arrangement of rock gardens. On the slides, such crops perform a variety of roles:

  • strengthen, play up and emphasize slopes;
  • let the Alpinarium look attractive even in winter;
  • gives a stable fullness and lushness of design, forming skeletal, basic plantings;
  • create color accents and "calm spots";
  • emphasize the size of stone blocks and large boulders;
  • shade and highlight the color and texture of stone chips, etc. etc.

From decorative deciduous groundcover plants are chosen according to the same principles as plants for alpine hills in general - from garden crops that live in nature in high mountainous regions or feel good in highlands, in dry, stony, poor and light soils. If you really choose a groundcover for an alpine hill from the number of not beautifully flowering plants, it should not require almost any care, adapt well to different conditions and not be afraid of close proximity.

Attractive foliage plants are placed in the planting scheme so that they compensate for the lack or excess of seasonal plants, mask their fading greenery or block out gaps, and balance out the number of crops that lose ornamentality over the winter.

The best ornamental deciduous groundcovers for an alpine hill
Decoratively deciduous plants for the alpine hill

It is with the help of ornamental deciduous stars that alpine slopes retain their attractiveness constantly, not only in the active season. Therefore, the preference is always given to evergreen crops - the only full-fledged competitors of abundantly flowering groundcovers. Conventionally, all ornamental and deciduous cultures for decorating alpine slopes can be divided into five categories:

  1. Coniferous plants.
  2. Evergreen shrubs.
  3. Ferns.
  4. Decorative grasses.
  5. Grassy groundcovers.

Although the choice of groundcovers with beautiful foliage seems rather sparse, in fact the variety of such garden crops allows for a variety of decorative tasks. Junipers and birches, heathers and cotoneaster, thymes and herias, fescue and sedges, privet and honeysuckle, guelderwort and rockweed, milkweed and achenes - all these groundcover stars that will decorate any alpinary.

Let's get acquainted closer with the most spectacular ornamental deciduous plants that can decorate any alpine hill.

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