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The 8 Best Shade-Tolerant Shrubs

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It's impossible to imagine any garden without shrubs with their flawless decorative foliage, perfectly cut forms, or a scattering of luxurious inflorescences. And the first ones to mention garden shrubs are always the most popular types - roses, deiciums and junipers - growing on sunny, sun-drenched sites. It should be borne in mind that there is also a place for shrubs where lighting is much more modest. They can become a real wand-switch in shady places, create not only secluded atmosphere, but also effectively fill the space. © Carolyn

Where conditions are unfavorable for planting of most herbaceous perennials, shade-bearing shrubs will perform not one, but several tasks at once, not conceding in decorativeness to their more popular sun-loving competitors.

The ideal soloists for shady places

There are many garden plants able to put up with scarce light. Thus sparse or more intense shade, dryness or, on the contrary, excessive humidity of the place affects the selection, but still allows to find its ideal soloist or partner for almost any task. Quite a few of the most favorite and colorful stars belong to plants which do not lose the ability to flower abundantly even in shade.

The 8 best shade-tolerant shrubs
Barberry (Berberis).

All plants which can be classified as shade-loving shrubs, in nature occur in forest areas and are used to be satisfied with literally minimal light.

Let's get to know the top 8 stars among shade-loving shrubs up close.

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