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The 5 Best Garden Plants You Can Grow At Home

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The assortment of houseplants is annually replenished with outlandish novelties. Along with rare and collectible plants, familiar, but not familiar in the room format, garden crops increasingly appear on the shelves. The new career of the brightest stars of flower beds and squares, hedgerows and even rock gardens allows to reveal all their decorative talents. And other conditions and limited soil sometimes open up completely unexpected possibilities. From roses and hydrangeas to bellflowers, heather and even boxwood, garden-room plants can always surprise with their beauty.

The 5 best garden plants you can grow at home
The range of indoor plants today is increasingly replenished by garden crops. © HeimHelden

Peculiarities of growing garden plants in rooms

The majority of indoor plants belong to the number of crops that require atypical growing conditions, sharply different from the climate of a particular area. Capricious, heat or moisture-loving, lovers of stable conditions cannot grow in open soil and decorate window sills and interiors.

But not all plants are classified as exotics or purely indoor crops. The constant expansion of the choice of ornamental potted plants is also due to the attention to garden plants. Accustomed, able not just to withstand the winter or feel good in flower beds, but also very attractive plants are acquiring the status of universal plants and are moving into pots. Their endurance, beauty of flowering or unusual leaf pattern attract the attention of breeders for a reason.

Garden migrants - plants that combine the status of both indoor and pot plants, and growing in the open ground - always stand out against their competitors. They are classic plants, but that does not make them seem any less beautiful.

Garden plants are characterized by the most lush blooms and the largest inflorescences found, the brightest variations in leaf color or the strictest evergreen silhouettes. From beautiful balls of cypresses and boxwoods to supple ivy and luxurious roses, garden-room crops always look noble, luxurious and justify both their elite status and high price.

The main disadvantage of all garden-room plants is the need for either constant formation or regular rejuvenation. Because of the limitation in the possibilities of development of the root system, accustomed to more freedom, such plants tend to quickly lose compactness and stretch out.

Flowering cultures are often unable to produce inflorescences without pruning, which in the room format should also be carried out according to the same rules as for their garden counterparts. Regular pruning, the formation of a skeletal base, re-rooting cuttings or replacement with new seedlings grown from seed are compensated by the beauty of these garden migrants. And to light, temperature regimes, watering and feeding such plants are still more demanding.

The 5 best garden plants you can grow at home
The main disadvantage of all garden-room plants is the need for constant shaping. © Maximum Yield

Horticultural plants most commonly grown in the home

With ornamental-leaved house plants, quite a few stars began their careers as garden plants, grown primarily in the open air. Here you can also find the best annuals as well as the brightest perennials.

Ferns, coleus, birches, boxwoods, stonecrop, cypresses, yews, ivy, sedges, asparagus, peaweed, milkweed, etc. are all considered to be the best garden plants for the home.

Flowering favorites match the list of the most popular and colorful garden shrubs and perennials. Roses and hydrangeas are the stars, but far from the only plants grown in both gardens and rooms. From primroses to hyacinths, gerberas, pericallis, pelargoniums, balsam, cranberries, bells, rhododendrons, celosiums, chrysanthemums, periwinkle, begonias, you can choose garden-room plants to your liking.

Let us take a closer look at the five favorites in room design, which are no less successful as a garden crop. Bright, eye-catching, with unforgettable coloring or blooming, they even in a tame format surprise with their unique beauty.

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