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Spa Pool In The Garden - A Dream Or Reality?

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Not so long ago, the pool at the cottage or near the country house for most of our compatriots seemed like a picture from a Mexican TV series. Today, an increasing number of owners of private plots prefer to organize the reservoir near the house is in the form of a pool. And those of them who care about their health and like to surprise their guests, choose the Jacuzzi in the garden. Do you think it is very expensive or difficult? In general, nothing difficult in the arrangement of the spa area in the garden, enough to carry electricity and water to it. But the choice of the spa itself can "run into a lot of money", but it's worth it! Why? Read in our publication.

Spa pool in the garden - a dream or reality?
Spa treatments can be taken directly in your own garden. © Celebrations Cake Decorating


  • Benefits of installing a hot tub in the garden
  • Simple principles for choosing a hot tub for the cottage
  • Selecting the perfect location for a spa nook in the garden
  • Winning the spa area in the garden

Benefits of installing a hot tub in the garden

Spa Treatments, You can have one not only during your visits to resorts and recreation in favorite hotels. You can also sit in the bubbling hot tub in your own garden. Spa pools on private plots have long since gone from being a luxury to making the garden as functional as possible. The pleasure of a session in the Jacuzzi next to colorful flower beds and in a cloud of garden aromas is a reality that only requires a sensible approach to its arrangement.

Private outdoor spas today are considered as one of the options for the arrangement of water features in private gardens. In fact, it is a luxurious and most comfortable kind of bathing, which can become a "highlight" of your garden not only in terms of pleasure, but also for the site design.

One needless to say about the benefits of spa treatments. Tempering whirlpool or an amazing relaxation after a hard day of garden work is available to anyone who sets up a Jacuzzi in the garden. Sessions that return health and "wash away" tiredness, promoting deep relaxation and maximum comfort will truly be the crown of a comfortable holiday in the garden.

Hidromassage with boiling streams of water - one of the most effective health treatments, affecting the overall condition of the body and help get rid of chronic fatigue, heaviness and pain. Resting in a Jacuzzi in the country improves the cardiovascular system, eliminates toxins, purifies the body, helps to restore youth and freshness of the skin, fights with excess weight, cellulite, arthritis, etc.

Jacuzzi installation allows you to maximize the diversity of leisure. They are suitable for both retreats and fun summer parties that your guests will remember for a long time. Spa systems installed in gardens usually allow you to comfortably enjoy water treatments even in the cold season, because most modern installations are reliably protected against frost.

Spa pool in the garden - a dream or reality?
The installation of Jacuzzis in the garden allows you to make the maximum variety in leisure. © thehamptonsdevon

Jacuzzi tubs don't hurt your garden's appeal

If you think that spa is a luxury that is not compatible with a harmonious garden landscape, then you are wrong. Spa pools are nowadays actively being transformed from a small functional object into a prestigious element of garden furnishing, giving the garden a unique and luxurious character. The installation of the pool itself is not limited to the arrangement of the spa area. Planting plants, additional decorative techniques allow you to create a bright element that makes the garden really individual and comfortable, and hours of relaxation - full of exquisite pleasure.

Simple principles of choosing a Jacuzzi for a cottage

Selecting a spa pool for a private garden - a task not as simple as it may seem at first glance. First of all, you should think about the efficiency of the system itself, then pay attention to the shape and size of the pool and do not forget about very important additional accessories.

It's all about the jets

The comfort and quality of spa treatments are always decisively important whirlpool jets. In fact, Jacuzzi systems are made up of heavy-duty pumps and a wide variety of nozzles, which provide a hydromassage of specific muscle groups and joints. It is necessary to pay attention to them in the first place, evaluating the available options of pools on this parameter even earlier than the price and aesthetic qualities.

The modern types of Jacuzzis for outdoor installation jets differ in the type of action and scope of application. Spa systems can be equipped with installations for body enhancement and work on problem areas, dynamic massage, shiatsu massage, relaxation and recovery from sedentary lifestyle, etc. You should make a choice primarily guided by the peculiarities of your life, health and needs of your body, to get the desired effect.

Virtually all modern models of Jacuzzi that can be installed outdoors, necessarily have a filtration system, ozonation and water circulation, adapted to the water of different types and methods of supply. Pay attention to cleaning and additional protection of nozzles from contamination. Control systems, multiple modes of operation and a set of programs, the possibility of individual adjustment are also very important.

Spa pool in the garden - a dream or reality?
The comfort and quality of spa treatments are always decisive, the hydromassage jets. © alo

Check the shape, capacity and materials

As for the shape of the hot tub itself, the choice should rather be made according to your tastes. The extremely popular models with round shape or with smooth curves in which the seats are freely positioned in terms of their health effects on the body, are considered less effective than rectangular and square baths with fixed positions.

When choosing a model of Jacuzzi for the garden, the design of which is dominated by certain shapes and lines, it is desirable to consider the main motifs of the landscape and try to choose such structures that would repeat them or agree with them.

The shape of the Jacuzzi bowl for open air varies from triangle to lotus and semi-circle. Make your choice according to the bathtubs you are used to.

Please pay attention to the comfort of the seats, which should perfectly follow the shape of your body. For spa pools suitable for installation in the garden, the maximum number of seats is usually limited to 8 seats.

The main selection criterion is the material and type of construction

But more important than shape and size for a garden Jacuzzi is the right choice of materials and type of construction. The body should be resistant not only to temperature changes and strong frosts, but also to mechanical damage.

Suitable for installation in suburban areas spa pools are usually finished with special stylized plastic panels or attractive composite material with a surface that imitates natural stone. But the style is not as important as the strength and durability of the material.

Important "details"

As with almost every object designed for comfort and wellness in the garden, when choosing a hot tub for the garden you should consider not only the basic parameters, but also important little things.

Additional options and accessories such as comfortable steps and handrails, the presence of cup holder and headrests, lighting, stereo system, compact tables for mounting on the side can increase the comfort of water procedures and make them truly unforgettable.

Authority that everyone who wants to install a hot tub in your garden should buy is a thermosaving cover, without which it is impossible to maintain water temperature and purity. A quality tightly closing cover, specifically designed for outdoor spas, allows you to maintain a comfortable water temperature for several days without heating.

Spa pool in the garden - a dream or reality?
The shape of an outdoor hot tub bowl can be varied. © Imagine Backyard Living

Selecting the perfect location for a garden spa nook

Jacuzzi can be set up almost anywhere in the garden where water and electricity can be connected. It can be installed or built by yourself, but if you want to create a really full-fledged health spa area, it is better to trust the professionals.

The choice of location for a spa pool determines the comfort of its use and enjoyment of the procedure. The spa should not be located in areas exposed to the sun or in areas exposed to strong draughts (or the establishment of a shelter, pavilion or canopy to compensate for the disadvantages of the chosen location).

Traditionally, the spa is placed close to the house or terrace where it can be comfortably used.

Winning design of the spa area in the garden

To design the spa pool and make the area for favorite water treatments really unique, you should think about several elements of its design:

  1. Decorate the corner with plants.
  2. Use decorative stones and coatings for decorating the area.
  3. Bring screens, awnings or objects of small architecture that fully or partially camouflage, hide from prying eyes, make more organic the very design.

Garden Jacuzzi looks great with the pool structure itself hidden in a gazebo or pavilion, hidden under a canopy. Such protection will not only serve as a reliable barrier from rainfall and debris, but also turn the corner with a Jacuzzi in a special decoration of the site, a separate zone or spa pavilion.

Organic look and pools installed on the platform, paved with wood platforms, sunken into flower beds and surrounded by semicircles of beds.