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Protect The Potatoes!

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Horticulturists know that potatoes are attacked by pests and diseases during the growing season. The main pests are the Colorado potato beetle and wireworm. Potatoes seriously infested by the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae (especially in the early stages of development) will form a much smaller yield (up to 70%!) than the genetic potential of the variety allows. In areas infested by wireworms up to 90% of large and medium-sized tubers may be damaged!

Protect the potatoes!
Potatoes can lose up to a third of their yield because of diseases caused by fungal soil pathogens

Potatoes of this kind not only have poor storage properties but are also very irritating and upsetting to the potato owner when, upon cleaning, half a tuber sometimes goes into the trash. Because of diseases caused by soil fungal pathogens (rhizoctoniosis, scab), potatoes can also lose up to a third of the crop, and losses during storage increase several times! Traditionally, several preparations are used (separately from wireworm, separately from beetle, separately from diseases). But it is inconvenient and time-consuming, and a summer day is known to feed the year.

The company Your Farm offers its own solution - Klubneshchit! It is an insect-fungicide preparation for treatment of tubers before planting protecting potatoes from wireworms, Colorado potato beetle and complex of diseases. The tests in different soil and climate zones proved that the damage of crops by wireworms is reduced many times (!), young growing potato plants are practically not damaged by the Colorado potato beetle and larvae for at least 2-2.5 months (usually no additional spraying is required), plants are developing healthier and produce a larger yield.

Protect the potatoes!
"Klubneshchit" - reliable potato protection for the whole season (ampoule in 10ml package)
Protect the potatoes!
"Klubneshchit" - reliable potato protection for the whole season (bottle
Protect the potatoes!
Drug "Klubneshchit" - reliable potato protection for the whole season (25 ml bottle in a box)

Klubneshchit is easy to use and saves your time! For example, a bottle of 60 ml is enough for the preplanting treatment of 60 kg of tubers (enough for about 2 sotka!) Another advantage of "Klubneshchit" is that with this method of application there is no risk of getting the preparation on the growing nearby cultures (vegetable or green beds, berries, bushes), playgrounds, etc. - which in the conditions of a small dacha or garden plot is, of course, important.