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Potassium Metaborate - A Modern Alternative To Boric Acid

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The name of the fertilizer "Potassium Metaborate" does not mean anything to most dacha owners yet. At the same time, we have all heard (yes, what "heard" - we use it regularly) about boric acid. With all the disadvantages of preparing the solution, boric acid is very useful for our plants. And now imagine that there is a fertilizer on the market that has all of the same benefits (and many others), but is completely devoid of the disadvantages of boric acid. What is the uniqueness of potassium metaborate, tell us in the "question and answer" section from the company "Buyskie fertilizers".

Potassium metaborate - a modern alternative to boric acid
Potassium metaborate - a modern alternative to boric acid

Ask: what is this fertilizer and when should it be applied?

The head of agrochemical service of JSC "Bui Chemical Plant" Belozerov Dmitry Alexandrovich will answer this question.

An answer: potassium metaborate is a water-soluble boric fertilizer. It is effective for legume, vegetable and fruit and berry crops.

Potassium metaborate - a modern alternative to boric acid
Potassium metaborate

Boron is a necessary microelement for plants. The most common boron-containing fertilizer is boric acid.

Many gardeners use this fertilizer, but many have difficulty dissolving it. Boric acid does not dissolve well.

Potassium Metaborate is a modern new boric-containing fertilizer. It contains boron and potassium, but we focus on boron by doses of application.

Fertilizer, unlike boric acid, very well dissolved in cold water.

For comparison: boric acid at temperature 20 ° in 100 ml water dissolves 5 g, and potassium metaborate at the same temperature in 100 ml water dissolves 70 g.

Boron, as an element, is essential to plants:

  • in germination of pollen grains,
  • in growth of the pollen tube,
  • in cell division,
  • in formation of seeds and cell membrane,
  • in protein synthesis,
  • in transfer of sugars.
Potassium metaborate - a modern alternative to boric acid
Kalium metaborate spares your plants from chlorosis

Apply boron-containing fertilizers during budding and flowering of crops, as well as during crop formation. Root feeding or watering is recommended to be combined with plant protection agents or other kinds of fertilizers (complexes).

Deficiency of boron is manifested most strongly in alkaline (carbonate) soils or when watering with well water having pH above 7.0 and containing large amounts of carbonates (bicarbonates).

Watch our video about how to grow tomato and pepper at home and also in it we will tell you about such an important preparation for plant nutrition and soil health improvement as potassium metaborate - a highly effective substitute for boric acid.