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New Year's Decorations From Your Garden

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Hello, dear gardeners, vegetable gardeners and flower growers. My dears, the New Year is about to begin. And, of course, we all with you rejoice in this holiday and prepare for it. Many of you have grandchildren, children. Grandparents want to please their grandchildren. And to think of something to do with their grandchildren - this is probably the most interesting and enjoyable than just go with them to the movies, on a Christmas tree, or buy them a candy bar. So I want to tell you what you can do with your grandchildren on New Year's holidays.

New Year's decorations from your garden
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences Nikolai Fursov

My dear, there were icy rains. There are a lot of broken branches of various branches, ornamental crops and fruit crops on our plots. So by cutting them off, you will only benefit the plant. And at the same time, these branches can all be used. For example, you have broken branches. And many of you do not cut these bushes of vesicles and spireas. They just broke because they were wrapped up in big ice floes from the rain. Please cut, take and paint these twigs with white paint. You can use spray paint, you can use water-based, lighter paint. Take it, dip it in the basin that way. Look what a beauty. I think it is very beautiful, very elegant can look. And if children can put here some Christmas toys, for them, I think it will be an extra holiday. These are the branches that you can gather and find on your property and paint. You can paint them white. The white color just reads very well in any environment - both in the apartment and on the porch, and even outside among the white snow. Here are these twigs. You don't have to paint them at all. You can have one. A lot of glitter is sold now. Take a little glitter. Spray the sprigs with glue beforehand. Or maybe even just a brush to go like this, with liquid glue, say, PVA. Take, after applying glue, apply more of these wonderful glitter. But it's very beautiful when the plant has its natural coloring, and suddenly some unexpected bursts - gold, silver. And sometimes there are these floral sparkles. Very beautiful.

New Year's decorations from your garden
Painted branches

Any child can do it and be happy with their work, because children are always proud of what they did. It is very beautiful to decorate the same branches, for example, with the most usual garland. Let's go back originally to these branches. Take it, just wrap it with this kind of garland. Chaotically, you don't have to think about which way what's going to go. Look, is it beautiful? Of course, the beauty.

New Year's decorations from your garden
Decorating branches tinsel

Further what can we do? We have sprigs, for example, painted. Just branches from apple trees, from cherry trees. Yes, you sawed. Because - well, they're broken. That's why it's better to saw now, so that they don't cause a big trauma to the garden plant. What can you do with them? You can paint them in white paint, the same water-based emulsion paint, for example, and then paint them gently. You don't have to lick the surface too much, so it's as white as snow. You don't have to do it at all. On the contrary, these peeping touches of natural color on the contrary will spice up even these branches.

New Year's decorations from your garden
Decorating branches with improvised material

What next? We take with you, again, PVA, thinly dilute this glue. We take a brush, brush strokes or just on parts of individual sectors quickly smeared and sprinkled with material that you all have at home. This is perlite. No perlite - we have vermiculite. Even more interesting coloring is white with golden highlights. So you can sprinkle them on your plant. So you can have all the imagination you want.

Take a branch, an ordinary branch that you cut off, which is most likely damaged by the freezing rain and therefore bent badly and even broken. Cut it down, saw it off. Speaking of which, don't cut these branches into a ring. You remember, a ring is when you make the cut almost flush with the main branch. Leave a stump, and a stump length of about five to seven diameters of this branch. Why? Because if there will be severe cold, for example, you cut on the ring will provoke the penetration of frost, rain into the tissues. And we do not need this at all. So, leaving the stump, we remove the branch. And not even painting it with any paints - just decorating it with these toys ... Look, the toys are very primitive, very simple. Usual some kind of balls, kits. Let them be very uniform in shape. This is always very beautiful.

New Year's decorations from your garden
Decorating branches with Christmas toys

Decorating a branch like this and putting somewhere in a vase, or just take, from children's plasticine to make some slide and put in this slide, decorate this slide with moss or some lichens, ripped from trees - will also be very beautiful. My dears, among many of our garden plants, trees, shrubs, fruit and berry and ornamental, barberry trees, which you did not cut in time, are just as badly affected. Well, dangling down the lowered branches. What are they for? They will do much more good if you cut them off, put these beautiful vases. Look at this. They will stand on your table for a long time and even be an unusual decoration on your New Year's table. Where will you have salads, fish, sausages and various snacks.

New Year's decorations from your garden
Composition of barberries with fruits

Dears, I wish you not only a beautiful New Year, but also a delicious and happy one.

Nikolai Fursov. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences

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