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How To Save Cabbage From Caterpillars

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Cabbage from time immemorial is a favorite vegetable crop in our country. It is hard to imagine the Russian table without sauerkraut or stewed cabbage, borscht, cabbage rolls and all kinds of salads. It is not surprising that many gardeners prefer to grow this crop themselves. This is also stimulated by the great variety of varieties that have recently appeared - not only white cabbage, but also cauliflower, kohlrabi and broccoli ... However, to grow a beautiful and large cabbage is not easy. And it's not just about watering and feeding, which cabbage is very fond of. Cabbage has the most real enemies - caterpillars.

How to save cabbage from caterpillars
How to save cabbage from caterpillars

Caterpillars - a dangerous pest of cabbage

The most common pest of cabbage is the cabbage butterfly, cabbage whitefly. Caterpillars emerge from the eggs laid on cabbage leaves within a few days. They eat the same leaf on which they were born, but as they grow older, the eating speed and amount eaten increases greatly. Though they do not live long, about 2-4 weeks, but even during this time they have time to spoil cabbage yield.

Addition of insect development is known to everybody since school: larva-pupa-butterfly, and further the cycle repeats. It was found that 2-5 generations of this pest may appear during summer, and the new ones may finish what they did not finish.

Cabbage moth and cabbage moth caterpillars are no less dangerous. All of them produce several generations of caterpillars during one summer, causing great harm to yield of all cabbage species.

The cabbage moth is especially dangerous for cauliflower. The larvae of this pest penetrate into heads of cabbage, gnaw through real mazes in inflorescences, and obstruct the entire space with their excrements.

Compliance with basic agricultural techniques - weeding, loosening, hilling, thorough removal of plant residues and soil recultivation in autumn allows to significantly reduce the risk of unwanted guests, but, unfortunately, does not exclude it completely.

When caterpillars appear, do not wait for cabbage to cope with the problem itself. This will not happen. The plants must be helped!

How to save cabbage from caterpillars
Cabbage moth
How to save cabbage from caterpillars
Cabbage moth
How to save cabbage from caterpillars
Cabbage borer

"Herold" - an efficient weapon against caterpillars

Cabbage exhausted by caterpillars is toxic and unfit for food. Therefore the caterpillars must be combatted and eliminated before the cabbage sprouts begin to form.

For timely detection of the pest, after planting seedlings in the open ground you must regularly inspect the plants and take timely measures to destroy insects. The modern preparations "Gerold" from the producer company "August" can help you in this matter.

How to save cabbage from caterpillars
"Gerold" - an effective weapon against caterpillars

A unique mechanism of action of "Gerold" is specially directed against leaf-eating pests. Active substances disrupt chitin formation, which leads to the impossibility of formation and development of eggs and consequently eliminates the further emergence of caterpillars. It means that the caterpillar-pupa-moth cycle is interrupted.

"Herold" is an environmentally safe preparation. Killing caterpillars, it causes no harm to beneficial insects, predatory mites and bees. It is allowed to use in fishery water protection zones.

The directions of Gerold application

The eggs or caterpillars shall be treated with the preparation as soon as possible upon detection. To do this, prepare a solution at the rate of 5 ml per 10 liters of water. The contents of the plastic ampoule are poured into a small amount of water, then the water is adjusted to the required volume. The preparation is also very economical as the treatment of 100 m² of cabbage requires only 4 ml of solution and the treated cabbage remains protected for quite a long time. Besides, the preparation allows not only controlling the caterpillars which appear this year but also considerably reduces their population the next year. After treatment the caterpillars stop moving and feeding, and at molting they are killed completely.

Sprinkle cabbage with diluted solution, making sure that the solution gets on the underside of leaves. Spraying is carried out in dry windless weather, in the morning or in the evening. Several treatments are required to defeat the caterpillars completely.

The spraying can be carried out at least 30 days before harvesting. Use "Gerold" in accordance with the instruction, which describes in detail the methods of dilution, waiting times and safety measures when working with the preparation.

Use a unique effective means "Gerold" from the company "August" to save the cabbage harvest and destroy the caterpillars. A good result with minimum time, effort and money is guaranteed!