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How To Prepare The Soil For Seedlings?

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Have you ever wondered why attempts to grow healthy and strong seedlings are not always successful?

Even if the process of growing seedlings is repeated by experienced gardeners from year to year, it happens that seedlings grow poorly, wither, stop developing, wither and "fall". This unpleasantness can happen to any crop. Under the same conditions the growth and development of seedlings may differ due to a number of factors: the quality of seeds, conditions (frequency of watering and water quality, density of sowing, temperature regime, stress from picking, etc.), the lack of nutrients, properly selected and prepared soil for seedlings.

How to prepare the soil for seedlings?
Soil, rich in nutrients, will support the young plants at the most responsible stage of development!

The most common reason for the death of plants is the lack of nutrients or the incorrect composition of the subsoil which is sold in specialized stores.

Inadequately decontaminated or toxic soil, clayed soil, too much peat in the composition are just a few reasons which can undo all your efforts and deprive you of a good harvest. It is possible to minimize losses! The only important thing is to secure the soil in advance by balancing it with special products and fertilizers for seedlings.

Pick the optimal product, which will not have a negative impact on the microflora useful for plants, make the soil light, porous and friable, absorbing and retaining moisture, with a near-neutral pH (pH = 6.5-7.0). A soil improver, which contains humic acids from leonardite, is able to solve all problems. Leonardite is a natural substance with high content of organic humic acids, it is rich in useful microelements, vitamins and amino acids.

Thanks to humic acids from leonardite Reasil Soil Reclaimer balances nutrients in your soil and makes them available to plant roots, healthifies the soil, promotes root system development and ensures stable plant growth. Nutrients from soil and other fertilizers are easily assimilated by the plant, which favorably influences not only the active growth of seedlings, but also the quality of fruits, flowers and fruits.

How to prepare the soil for seedlings?
Potato remover "ReasilĀ®" for soil fertility restoration

Potato remover is very economical, it is added at the rate of 1 tsp. 1 tsp. on 1 liter of soil, and when transplanting seedlings at the rate of 1 tsp. on 5 wells (5 plants)

Potato, rich in nutrients, will support young plants at the most responsible stage of development! And for a faster and more guaranteed result we recommend to combine the soil preparation with the soil improver "Reasil" with foliar spraying of the seedlings with the fertilizers from the FLORIST product line: "Micro" and "Growth".

How to prepare the soil for seedlings?
Special liquid fertilizer for plant nutrition in an accessible form of microelements Florist "Micro"

Soil conditioner "Reasil" + fertilizer "Florist" by "SILA of Life" strengthen the plant immune system, provide nutrition for plants with microelements, promote taking roots in plants and seedlings when transplanting