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Green Cherries - Useless Exotic Or Delicious Tomatoes?

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The miniature cherry tomatoes have a very rich color palette in which the green-fruited varieties and hybrids stand out. A peculiarity of these tomatoes is that they remain greenish even after they are fully ripe. It would seem, why make confusion in the rows of tomatoes, because it's much more convenient to determine the ripeness by eye? However, such varieties, in addition to exotic appearance, have many advantages and advantages. About the advantages of green-fruited cherry tomatoes and our favorite varieties I will tell in the article.

Green cherries - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?
Green cherry tomatoes - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?

Benefits of green-fruit cherry tomatoes

First of all, cherry with green fruits is distinguished by its unusual exotic appearance. Of course, there are conservatives among gardeners who always want the vegetables to have the standard look they are accustomed to. In this case, the fancy appearance is not at the expense of worsening the taste or health properties.

The majority of green cherry tomatoes have a very pleasant sweet taste with an original fruity aftertaste. And while it is very easy to fall for unpalatable cherry tomatoes of other varieties, in the case of green fruits such situations are rare exceptions. Most gardeners always give them high marks.

The green color of such tomatoes is due to the high content of chlorophyll in their flesh. Green cherry tomatoes are a godsend for people with allergies to red fruits and vegetables; they are also good for nursing mothers. Almost all varieties of green cherry tomatoes are early maturing varieties, which allows them to harvest at short notice.

According to my personal observations, green cherry tomatoes are less susceptible to cracking under adverse weather conditions or irregular watering.

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Green cherries - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?
It is best to determine the ripeness of green cherries by touch. © Lyudmila Svetlitskaya

Disadvantages of green cherries

Compared with the advantages, the disadvantages of such varieties are much less, but some disadvantages of green cherries still exist:

  • Not always easy to find the seeds. Currently, green-fruit cherry tomatoes are still rare in our market. In most cases, these are Western selection varieties and can only be found in online stores from collectors.
  • It can be difficult to determine their ripeness. Unlike cherry tomatoes of other colors, greenfruit tomatoes are not so easy to determine the phase of onset of ripeness. More often than not, you will have to feel it to know if a green tomato is ready to eat. Mature tomatoes are soft enough to gently squeeze, but unripe ones are much harder, just like any immature tomato.

Without experience, you will have to carefully touch each tomato at first, but later a light touch will be enough to determine whether you can pick the tomato.

Also, ripe cherry fruit have a distinctive skin tone. Depending on the variety, however green the tomatoes may be at the fully ripe stage, they can turn yellowish, orangeish, or brownish pink, and an experienced eye will have no difficulty identifying tomatoes ready for picking on the brush.

Unripe tomatoes are not useful. If you do happen to eat green tomatoes that are not fully ripe, then you have not consumed the best food for the body. As you know, tomatoes, like any other solanaceous species, contains solanine, which is a toxic substance, but it is completely destroyed when fully ripe.

Of course, a couple of small unripe berries you will not poison. But it is still better to avoid eating unripe tomato fruits without pre-treatment. And when growing green-fruited cherry tomatoes, the risk of accidentally eating unripe fruit increases.

Green cherries - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?
The "Green Tiger" variety has the highest yield among green-fruited cherries. © Ludmila Svetlitskaya

Best varieties of green-fruited cherry tomatoes

The Orange-Green Zebra cherry tomatoes

This variety was created back in the 1980s in Washington, DC. In terms of size, it belongs to the rather large cherry tomatoes that have recently been called "cocktail tomatoes." The average berry weight ranges from 20 to 40 grams.

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Green cherries - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?
Cherry tomatoes 'Orange & Green Zebra' (Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme 'Orange & Green Zebra'). © Ludmila Svetlitskaya
Green cherries - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?
Cherry tomatoes 'Orange & Green Zebra' in section. © Ludmila Svetlitskaya

The taste is very pleasant and sweet with tangible fruit notes, like most green tomatoes. These tomatoes are indeterminant and can easily reach a height of 2m. The

Tomato Orange & Green Zebra (Orange & Green Zebra) is very similar to its sister variety 'Green Zebra', but looks more ornate with orange accents between the green stripes. The fruit has a beautiful bright green color when cut.

This cherry variety is early maturing (80-100 days) and very productive. Because of its unique appearance, it is one of the most favorite varieties among children. In addition to having a pleasant taste, it also has a sweet and slightly tangy flavor.

When ripe, the Orange-Green Zebra cherries are soft to the touch, and appear slightly amber in color. The orange streaks are much brighter than on unripe tomatoes.

Green Tiger cherry tomatoes

Green Tiger tomatoes are original green cherry tomatoes with an oblong shape. The color of the fruit is very unusual - on a light green background chaotically scattered thin longitudinal strips of dark green. Before ripening, the basic tone has a whitish-salad color, and at full maturity, the berries acquire a golden hue with dark green stripes.

Green cherries - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?
Therry tomatoes 'Green Tiger' (Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme 'Green Tiger'). © Ludmila Svetlitskaya
Green cherries - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?
Cherry tomatoes 'Green Tiger' in section. © Ludmila Svetlitskaya

Meat fleshy emerald color. In terms of consistency, the fruit is dense and does not crack even in adverse conditions. But it is worth special attention for its incredibly sweet and rich taste, which is probably the most fruity of all greenfruit cherry tomatoes. The yield is very high: 8-12 cherry tomatoes weighing 30-35 grams are produced per brush. Due to its low shatterability, the clusters can be cut in one piece. In addition, this variety is very unpretentious, quite resistant to weather conditions, and to various tomato diseases.

Tomato "Green Tiger" - indeterminant tall variety, its shoots grow to a height of 1.8 meters. The ripening period is early, the first fruits can be eaten in 90-95 days after sprouting.

Tomatoes cherry "Green Grape"

Green Grape (Green Grape) one of the first cherry tomatoes with green fruits appeared on the Russian market. It was thanks to him that gardeners learned about what an incredible rich sweet taste green-fruited cherry tomatoes have.

Green cherries - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?
Tomatoes cherry 'Green Grape' (Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme 'Green Grape'). © Lyudmila Svetlitskaya

Like all tomatoes with green fruits, the variety "Green Grape" is distinguished by an interesting fruit taste and pleasant aroma. There are now at least two types of green-fruited cherry tomatoes available under the name "Green Grape", which differ in shape - some are more oblong, others are spherical. Which one is the true "Green Grape" variety is still a mystery.

But in any case, gardeners are most often satisfied by planting one or another variety of this variety.

The cherry tomato variety "Green Grape" is very prolific and forms long bushes, hung with greenish tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes are classic size, weighing between 10 and 30 grams. The ripening period is early, with an average of 95-105 days before the first fruits ripen.

The tomato bushes of this variety are semi-indeterminant, meaning they are tall, but usually not exceeding 1.5 meters in height. They can be formed into two or three stems. Fruiting lasts until frost. Disease resistance is high.

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Brad's Atomic Grape

Brad's Atomic Grape (Brad's Atomic Grape) cherry tomato is one of the most ornate green-fruited cherries, a true "chameleon" tomato. As it ripens, the lilac and purple stripes on the green background turn into incredible combinations of olive-green, red, brown and almost black stripes.

Green cherries - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?
Brad's Atomic Grape cherry tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme 'Brad's Atomic Grape'). © Ludmila Svetlitskaya
Green cherries - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?
Cherry tomatoes 'Brad's Atomic Grape' in section. © Ludmila Svetlitskaya

In reality, it is very difficult to say what color the fruit of this variety is. Still, most often its color is dominated by brown-green, and the jelly pulp between the chambers is also green.

The cherry fruits are perfectly held on the stalks, which makes this unique variety suitable for industrial cultivation as well. The taste is extremely sweet with light tropical notes. An additional decoration is the delicate openwork foliage, which looks very delicate. Yields are very high, with 5-10 tomatoes per bale. The ripening period is early 95-110 days.

The type of growth of the tomato is indeterminate, grows very vigorously and can reach a height of two meters. It can be formed into one or two stems. This variety is a winner at the 2017 National Heirloom Expo.

Green Pearl cherry tomatoes

Green Pearl cherry tomato (Green Pearl) is another successful cherry tomato variety with green fruits. Perhaps it is this variety because of its strong external resemblance is often confused with cherry 'Green Grape' and sold under its name.

Green cherries - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?
Tomatoes cherry 'Green Pearl' (Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme 'Green Pearl'). © Dmitry Gusev

This tomato has a very pleasant sweet taste with a slight acidity and a noticeable fruity aftertaste. Those who plant it once usually decide to grow these cherry tomatoes next season as well.

As it ripens, the light green color changes to olive green in the entire fruit, and the dark green spot near the pedicel begins to stand out more.

The shape of the fruit can vary. Usually the first fruits are rounded or slightly oval, later pear-shaped fruits may be formed. The berries are collected in a simple cluster of 5 to 10 pieces, weighing 30 to 10 grams. Tomatoes are resistant to cracking.

Tomato cherry "Green Pearl" is a high-growing, indeterminant cherry 1.5 to 2 meters high. Disease resistance is high. The variety is suitable for both open ground and greenhouses. Maturation period early from 100 to 115 days.

Dear readers! In my vegetable garden, I certainly annually plant several varieties of cherry with green fruit. And they have never once failed us. Maybe if you try green cherries once, you will also decide to plant them every year.