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Calendar Of Gardening Works For January

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January. It would seem that the garden is asleep, the vegetable garden is dull, but neither the gardener nor the gardener can completely forget about the troubles. How carefully we treat what nature gives us in this month, how well we spend the vacation time depends on how the plants will survive the winter, and how the ground is prepared for the spring, and what will grow on our beds in the new season. In short, the saying "prepare the sledge in the summer and the cart in the winter" is just about this period.

Calendar of gardening works for January
Winter Garden. © Jon Fife

Snow to the rescue

If snow has covered the ground, it is a good thing. It protects plant roots from freezing. Therefore it is necessary to do a little laundry in the garden and vegetable garden: to throw snow under trees, on bent down shoots of raspberries and grapes, on currant bushes and gooseberries, on seedbeds. Strawberries are especially sensitive to strong frosts, and should be taken care of in the first place. In areas with strong winds, it would be a good idea to put up snow-removing shields.

But it is better to shave snow off tree branches, especially if they are one-, two - or three-year-old seedlings. It should be done at noon, when the snow melts a little, with the help of a long pole, starting from the lower tier of branches. In order not to damage the frozen bark, it is better to wrap a rag around the end of the device.

Feeders for birds

If bird feeders are hung up in the garden, it is time to clean them and re-fill them with food. What do our feathered neighbors eat? Sunflower seeds, millet, oats, wheat, dried hawthorn and rowan berries. Tits and nuthatches will not refuse fat or meat which can be threaded on a string, but they have to be unleavened.

If you do not have a bird feeder, but want to make it, it is not necessary to make a difficult construction. It is enough to adapt for this good deed a plastic bottle, candy box, a tetra-pack from the juice. Hang "bird canteen" should take into account the fact that visitors may want to hunt the local cats. It is also necessary to think about that, that the dainties were not blown away by wind and snow.

Uninvited guests

At that with mice and hares it is better not to be ceremonious. If they come to you, then you will have a lot of problems. Therefore it is necessary to constantly examine the territory of the garden-garden for the traces of their presence, and if you find them - take immediate measures.

But if everything has been done in advance, in January it remains only to correct strapping on the boles of trees and to destroy mouse holes, trample their near-trunk circles. Basement, cellar, barns are territories where mice and rats like to visit. It is necessary to place traps in them, and to put netting on ventilation passages.

Calendar of gardening works for January
In January we continue to protect the garden from rodents. © Anne Elliott

Large trees

In January you can plant trees, but the rule only applies to large trees. Transplanted in this period, they more easily take root. Apple, pear and plum trees rather easily tolerate this procedure, but cherry trees older than 10 years require caution and special attention.


If you have polycarbonate greenhouses and you have not removed polycarbonate from them for the winter, be sure to put props from the inside and regularly sweep away the snow from the roof. In addition, it will not be superfluous to throw snow inside the structure, as well as to clear it around the structure if the snow cover begins to reach 50 cm.

The weight of snow can also damage unheated glass greenhouses. But from heated ones the snow will melt by itself. They in January, if it was not done in December, plant tomato seedlings, as well as sow early greens.

Garden in the window

If you miss greens, want to grow fresh vitamins in the window - time to do baking onions on the pen, plant in pots or boxes root parsley, garlic cloves. If you want to bother with more serious plantings, you can sow watercress, spinach, ruccola. But for the latter it is necessary to organize a more thorough care and quality dosvetku (duration of daylight hours should be for them from 13 to 15 hours a day).

If you plan to grow in the garden root or petiole celery, potatoes from seeds, late varieties of peppers - the time to sow them to get seedlings. Also, in January, sow seeds of certain varieties of strawberries.

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Calendar of gardening works for January
Greens and herbs in pots can be grown in the window and moved to the garden in spring. © Rebecca Sims

Storage facilities

Midwinter and midwinter storage facility inspections are necessary. The careful inspection of fruit and vegetables, the liquidation of rotten pieces, the maintenance of the correct temperature regime and humidity guarantee the safety of the main part of the production.

Garden implements

In the period of relatively free winter days it is necessary to take care of the garden implements. And here we are talking not only about repairs, but the selection and purchase of new tools. As well as the purchase of mineral fertilizers, soils for sowing seeds for seedlings, film, non-woven covering material and other things necessary for the garden and vegetable garden.

It is also time to prepare a new set of clothes for working with chemicals, to review the buckets and baskets, to buy gloves. It is worth remembering that gloves can be different: for work with soil, for the care of trees and shrubs, for pruning prickly plants, for harvesting, for contact with liquids ...


And of course, in the midst of winter, you need, and, frankly, already want to think about the spring planting. In January you can make crop rotation, study new offers of varieties, buy seed material.

Look at calendars of works and other relevant materials on a special page of January.

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