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'Beetlebug. - For Effective Control Of The Colorado Potato Beetle

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The Colorado potato beetle is so common pest of our gardens that not only gardeners and country dwellers know about it, but also people far from agriculture. This leaf beetle arrived in our country from warm Mexico. But it very quickly adapted to the harsh local conditions and successfully lives and breeds. We will tell you how to get rid of the Colorado potato beetle in this article. -

What are the dangers of the Colorado potato beetle?

The Colorado beetle is considered a vicious pest of potatoes, but it does not bend also the leaves of tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and some other crops. As a rule, it is better to fight against other pests, but the Colorado Potato Beetle cannot be avoided.

The beetles lay larvae at the speed of machine-gun fire, and they are much more voracious than their parents and can leave only sad memories of healthy bushes of vegetable crops in a few days. If a single specimen survives after treatment with pesticides, the whole of its offspring will be immune to this group of preparations.

That is why potato growers must seek a new pest control agent every year, alternate groups of pesticides. But even these measures are sometimes powerless to control the Colorado potato beetle. -

'BeetleBug. - for effective control of the Colorado potato beetle
The Beetle Beetle -

But there is good news: Russian scientists developed a unique three-component medicine against Colorado potato beetle - "Zhukoed". The product is manufactured by Firma "Avgust" JSC.

The peculiarity of this preparation is that it consists of three active substances acting in different directions:

  • Alpha-cypermethrin has immediate contact action - within one hour after treatment the pests stop feeding and die;
  • Imidaclodpride - a substance of systemic action quickly penetrates the plants and deprives the beetle of the opportunity to eat the leaves for a long time;
  • Clothianidin provides long-term plant protection due to the ability to penetrate and stay in all the tissues of the crop.

Bug bug spray doesn't leave Colorado potato beetles a chance: even the ones hidden on the underside of leaves are killed within 24 hours.

The uniqueness of this preparation is in the fact that its composition makes the plants more stress-resistant, thus increasing their yields.

Peculiarities of product application

The possibility of product application in a wide temperature range is another invaluable quality of this preparation.

"Beetle Gel" is conveniently packed in 1,5 ml ampoules and 9 ml bottles. The preparation usage is rather economical; 1 ampoule can be dissolved in 3 liters of water which is enough to treat 100 m2. Besides, only one treatment is needed to defeat the Colorado potato beetle.

Methods of solution preparation, waiting period, safety measures and other details are described in detail in the enclosed instruction.

The recommended doses of Zhukoed do not harm the environment; the preparation breaks down into harmless compounds during the mentioned waiting period (20 days), and the potatoes can be safely eaten.

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Attack by August

Fake products have appeared at the market of plant protection substances lately. In order to protect itself and its consumers the company "August" introduced the system of authenticity control DAT on some of its products.

'BeetleBug. - for effective control of the Colorado potato beetle
Auction from the company "August"

On the preparation "BeetleBug" (

All you need to do is to send a free text message with a verification code to the number 3888 or on the web site. In response, you will receive a confirmation of authenticity and will be confident in the safety and effectiveness of the product.

If you buy the protective agent "Beetleworm" from 10.04.2019 to 31.07.2019 and send a verification code, you can participate in the drawing of special prizes:

  • 50 rubles. for your phone (20 000 prizes);
  • HOBBY sprayer 5 l (50 pcs);
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