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6 Reasons To Grow Buddleia Ordinaryleaf

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Two years ago in early summer, walking through the local park, I saw an interesting plant. I was lucky, it was just in bloom, and I immediately realized - I need such a plant in my garden. And though at that moment I did not know what it is and how it is called, but cuttings were saved. Then already familiar plant lovers suggested: I became the owner of buddleia next-leaved, a rare shrub in our parks and gardens. A pity! It has several advantages, for which it is worth growing.

6 reasons to grow buddleia ordinaryleaf
6 reasons to grow Buddleia deciduous. © Future Gardens

1. Absolute unpretentiousness

The virtue of the first buddleia is a completely unpretentious plant. And that's exactly the kind I pick for my garden (low maintenance). I am a "lazy" gardener ...

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Moved to us from the northern regions of China Buddleja alternifolia (Buddleja alternifolia) quite well accustomed here. It prefers to grow in open and well-lit places and thus copes very well with summer drought. Of course, in the garden it receives its portion of water at the same time as other plants growing nearby. But I know that if I have to go away for a couple of weeks in the midst of heat, the Buddleia cudgel, an exceptionally drought-resistant shrub, will not suffer. For two years is growing well enough and growing on my sandy and poor soil, and does not receive absolutely no fertilizers and fertilizers. And it grows big and beautiful bush.

2. High ornamental

The second advantage - external data. Buddlea next-leaved is a tall and spreading bush. Approximately 3-4 meters in height and the same amount in diameter. And its characteristic and pleasant feature for me is the ability to form the shape of the bush on its own. The shape is natural - rounded, globular, with beautiful branches, descending or weeping, if you want.

Branches have long (5-6 cm) and narrow light green leaves, arranged, as you can understand from the name, alternately. The light green, almost silvery large ball of buddleia looks very attractive. But around late May or early June, it is covered with small purple flowers. They, like garlands, unisex the whole branch. And that big ball turns purple (an amazing sight). I can't wait for my two-year-old bushes to get big. And it will be soon!

6 reasons to grow buddleia ordinaryleaf
The purple ball of buddleia next-leaf branches is an amazing sight. © Milan Havlis

3. Growth speed

The third buddleia's - advantage is its great growth speed. To give you an example, I'll tell you about my bushes. Rooted cuttings in two years have grown up and wide by about 1 meter. It looks, however, now a little funny. A lot of young shoots at the top, but flowering at the bottom of the bush.

It happens because buddleia next leaf blooms on the last year's shoots, and they are on my copy so far only at the bottom. Well, nothing, all that grows now, and very actively, will bloom next year. And so, you see, in another two years will decorate my plot two beautiful big balls, completely purple in early summer (blooms long - up to four weeks). And I planted them on both sides of the path.

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4. Good frost resistance

Advantage of the fourth - high frost resistance. Here, of course, everything is relative. If to speak the dry language of figures, the plant withstands up to -25 degrees, and in some cases recorded (not by me, though) and short-term lowering of temperature to -35 degrees.

There is a thing worth understanding. At such frosts buddleia as a whole will survive and even partially frozen, within a season will restore, but flower buds... If they will die out, you will not see flowering or it will be weak.

By the way, for fans of garden shears and pruning. You can, of course, yourself correct the shape of the shrub, but it is worth remembering that, as I said, buddleia next leaf blooms on last year's shoots and, therefore, you need to cut it (if necessary) immediately after flowering. Then it will give many new shoots and increase the number of flowers in the next season. Do not cut in autumn or early spring, because you will cut off future flowers.

6 reasons to grow buddleia ordinaryleaf
My buddleia next-leaved now looks a little funny - a lot of young shoots at the top, and flowering at the bottom of the bush. © Igor Bilevich

5. Resistance to diseases and pests

The fifth advantage - the plant is not disturbed by pests and diseases. I have two years I have never seen anything on it, except butterflies. Butterflies love buddleia, and the next leaf buddleia is no exception. So no extra effort and expense on chemicals it will not pull from you.

For me an indicator - if a tree or shrub grows in our parks, the plant probably gets nothing from the care. And if it manages to grow and bloom well, then it is undemanding and that's what I need.

Disadvantage sixth - ease of propagation. If you have decided to get hold of buddleia next-leaf, then, of course, the easiest option is to look in nurseries or garden centers, but there it is a rarity. But on the Internet from amateur gardeners there are such offers.

But you can do and simpler. If there is a familiar buddleia next-leaf bush (to find it, you need to survey the local park) in late May or early summer at the time of flowering, cut the green shoot of this year, cut it into cuttings with two or three buds. Remove the lower leaf completely and shorten the upper one by half. Stuck in loose soil, and put a jar on top.

In general, everything according to the standard scheme of rooting cuttings of deciduous shrubs. If you keep the soil constantly moist, then by the fall you will have happiness - full-fledged seedlings buddleia next-leaved, ready for planting in the open ground. Perhaps in your area just planted seedlings for the winter should be slightly covered, say, with lapnik and a good mulch, but I did without this.

6 reasons to grow buddleia ordinaryleaf
One of the disadvantages of Buddleia deciduous - already faded flowers are better to remove. © Igor Bilevich

Are there any disadvantages with buddleia of the next leaf?

Defects are certainly good, but not without disadvantages. In my opinion, there are two, but they are not important.

Firstly, the already faded buddleia flowers should be removed, so you will stimulate the plant to more lush flowering in the next season. But, most importantly, wilting brown flowers - it is not very beautiful. Since there are many flowers, the process is tedious. But no one removes them in the park, right? So you can just endure.

Second, planting buddleia next leaf on your plot, it is worth having a plan. The fact is that it immediately forms powerful and deep roots, which, in fact, and ensure its unpretentiousness. These roots are fragile and transplanted poorly. Most likely, with careful transplanting, the plant will survive, but it will take a long time to come to its senses. So approach the question of planting more carefully.

Precautions of planting

The process of planting buddleia itself does not make sense to describe. We dug a hole wider and deeper than the size of the container with a seedling, poured the compost with soil or simply good soil, planted and abundantly watered. Everything! Next he grows himself, just do not disturb.

Where to plant buddleia next leaf? In my opinion, there are many options. As a single plant on the lawn, "wild" natural hedge, the backdrop of flower beds and mixborders ... I have, as I said, two bushes on both sides of the path, which will serve as a kind of frame, for growing a little deeper Ginkgo biloba, focusing the view exactly on him.

Well, a place for this shrub to look for. Although, bearing in mind its size, do it carefully, perhaps in small plots buddleia next-leaved will not be appropriate.