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5 Very Unusual Succulents

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In pretty pots or fashionable florariums, on walls, tables and windowsills - succulents are able to endure weeks without watering. They do not change their character and do not accept the conditions comfortable to most capricious indoor plants. And their diversity allows everyone to find their favorite. Resembling either stones, or fancy flowers, or extravagant sticks or lace, fashionable succulents have long been not limited to cacti and fatty plants.

5 very unusual succulents
5 very unusual succulents

Succulents - hardy, bright and diverse

Succulent plants are usually associated with deserts and semi-deserts, where only the most drought-resistant plants that can store water survive. But indoor succulents are much more diverse. Among them you can find inhabitants of highlands, accustomed to very cool temperatures and strong winds, and inhabitants of the subtropics and even the tropics.

The most famous of succulents - cacti. Their ball-shaped or column-shaped thick stems and large arsenal of defenses in the form of prickles and hairs are unrecognizable. But cacti deserve careful consideration and separate attention. Succulents are much more diverse than they are in their growth form. Their leaves and trunks sometimes take the most bizarre forms. In fact, the only "criterion" for determining belonging to succulents is the fleshy tissue.

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Easy care is the main advantage and trump card of succulents. They are amazingly hardy and durable. No difficulties with representatives of fashionable succulents should not arise even inexperienced florists. If the plants are not going to bloom, they are content with the same temperatures all year round. And the simplest cool wintering will also allow to admire the beautiful and unexpectedly bright flowers.

Easy propagated by offspring, requiring minimal watering and a couple of feedings per year, well adapted, succulents - plants really universal.

The most famous and common representatives of indoor succulents introduced into culture so long ago that managed to go through a period of almost oblivion. The names of genus representatives Molochais (Euphorbia), Aloe (Aloe) and Crassula (Crassula) do not always bring up pleasant associations for many today. And completely in vain. After all, these familiar and familiar plants can be boring only if you choose boring species. Dozens of varieties and hundreds of varieties make it possible to find extravagant stars even for skeptics.

But succulents are not exhausted only by them.

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