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11 Interesting Tomato Varieties That I Grew This Year

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It is difficult to find a vegetable garden that does not have at least a couple of tomato bushes growing. Despite the fact that in the market seedlings, most often represented by standard varieties for the local region, the soul always wants something new. Especially in winter, when admiring the pictures of seed catalogs and reading the reviews of experienced gardeners. In this article I will tell you about 11 varieties of tomatoes that I grew in the open air this year. I say at once, most of them pleased me - did not get sick and gave a generous harvest until late fall.

11 interesting tomato varieties that I grew this year
11 interesting varieties of tomatoes

I live in the southern region, in the foothill zone, where summer comes almost immediately after winter, and it always ends differently, sometimes in late October, and even in November. In the zone of risky agriculture we are considered lucky, but there are pitfalls everywhere.

So, this year our summer temperature was established in April, but the nights were cold and strong difference between night and day temperatures did not allow us to plant tomato seedlings in the open field earlier. We had to wait, as usual, for the beginning of May, until the time of possible last frosts passed. In the summer, there were frequent heavy rains, so the temperature in the first half of the day reached +38 ° C, while in the second half could drop to +19 ° C, which puts plants under severe stress. The list included: "Sanka", "White Cherry", "Kiss of Geranium", "Carbon", "Black Crimean", "Black Heart of Breda", "Heart of Tibet", "Striped Stuffer", "Green Chile", "Blue Spruce", "Cherry Waterfall".

1. Tomato variety "Sanka"

Pretty old, proven over the years variety of tomatoes from the category of ultra-early. Ripens on 65-85 days after planting seeds in the ground. Ripens amicably. Druzhnaya gives the harvest, which makes it easy for processing and growing for sale. Has a small, red, evenly colored, uniform in size fruit weighing about 80-100 g. The usual tomato flavor. The claimed yield from one plant varies between 3-4 kg.

11 interesting tomato varieties that I grew this year
Tomato variety "Sanka"

Determinant. The height of the tomato bush from 40 to 60 cm. Does not require not only papilioning, but also tying - well tolerates lodging.

The attractive characteristics of tomato "Sanka" can be attributed to the resistance to adverse factors: the temperature differences, lack of lighting, uneven moisture in the soil. Due to the fact that it is a variety, not a hybrid - with "Sanka" you can collect seeds.

In my beds "Sanka" lives for 5 years already. I can say that his seedlings are compact, medium-sized, not elongated, not capricious, which allows you to grow it in the southern window without additional lighting. When transplanted into the ground, it is easy to take root.

Plants flower early, in early summer they are strewn with round green fruits.

Yield from "Sanka" corresponds to the declared. By mid-August from one bush was removed about 35 tomatillos, while still hanging green. This is about 2.8-3 kg per bush. By the end of October, the experimental bush yielded 52 tomatoes! All ripe - no green left.

Season tomato "Sanka" never once sick. On the ground proved to be better than on high beds, probably due to greater moisture in the soil.

More photos of tomatoes sort "Sanka" see on the forum. Tomato variety "White Cherry"

Seeds of this tomato were bought by me many years ago from a collector. Despite the fact that because of the small size of the fruit variety can not be attributed to either salad or processing, it has remained a favorite and probably will never leave my bed. © Oksana Gula

First of all, because it is delicious. Its fruits have nothing in common with tomatoes - sweet and spicy tones are incomparable with anything! Secondly, because it reproduces itself by self-seeding. Each year sprouts a dense carpet and all that remains is to leave a few bushes again, so that then, every time watering the garden, enjoy the small exotic berries.

Tomato "White Cherry" does not get sick. Does not need garter. Does not need to be papilioned. I tried to grow it as a single stalk, but abandoned this methodology, as the trellised plants looked miserable, but with a free growth - it is medium height, up to 60 cm, fluffy bushes with merrily winking light yellow berries until frosts. Each brush has 5-6 berries. The ripening period is medium, closer to late. In the mass harvest better use scissors to avoid damaging the plant or berries, when you remove them often torn skin.

I tried to make from the "White Cherry" and the jam, and sauce. They look nice but taste quite exotic - for the amateur. More photos of tomatoes "White Cherry" at the forum. Tomato variety "Kiss of Geraniums"

Mimo this variety could not pass for several reasons. The first was because of the name, it's very unusual. The second reason was the unusual splendor of the brush, with about 60 tomatoes! The third - because of the enthusiasm of my friends and relatives, who have tried them.

11 interesting tomato varieties that I grew this year
Geranium Kiss tomato variety. © Oksana Gula

Tomato "Geranium Kiss", or Geranium Kiss ("Geranium Kiss") is an early maturing variety. Determinant. Resistant to most diseases. Has a very dense bush. Extremely decorative. This is how it is described by collectors. In my case it turned out a little different, perhaps because of the growing conditions, but no less interesting!

Started to surprise as soon as the first leaves appeared. When looking at them, I thought that some flower has sprouted! But it's a good thing I didn't throw it away. It turned out that the "Kiss of Geranium" has a potato type leaf, and because of this it looks especially gentle.

For a long time I struggled with a pronounced purple hue of the plants - I thought it was the lack of phosphorus in the soil. But over time I realized that it is likely - a reaction to temperature changes (because of the early spring I started early tempering tomatoes and not always have time to bring them into the house).

Tomato seedlings itself seems somewhat elongated, somehow fragile, but probably just a feature of the variety, as on acclimation and development of plants it was not affected. Brushes of complex shape, multifloral, set fruit and continue to grow - a very unusual sight. Before the onset of heat (and it was early this year), each tassel had time to impose about 30 tomatoes, then bushes still bloomed for a very long time. I think that if it were not for such an early rise in temperature above the critical levels (+32 ° C), it would have been enough to impose and 60, and perhaps more tomatoes.

Branches I got sprawling, like fountains. The long stems with few leaves wanted to fall apart, I had to gently tie them. But I did not start to weed, left in a free formation.

By the end of July, the first ripe sharp-nosed fruits lit up with beacons. And two weeks later (at the end of the first week of August) held the first full harvest. Small tomatoes, weighing about 30 grams were very tasty! Their tomato taste is so balanced and pleasant, that now it's just impossible to refuse this variety!

Another feature of "Kiss of Geranium" I can refer to the formation of yellow shoulders at the tail - this is a reaction of sweet tomato varieties to very high temperatures. But this phenomenon did not affect the taste of "Kiss of geranium", tomatoes remained fully edible, of uniform consistency and taste, so it can not be considered as a disadvantage.

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A minus of this variety was the leaf damage, and, even in the first half of summer, brown spot disease, very similar to macrosporiosis. However, the disease has not spread to stems and fruits. And, interestingly, only "Geranium Kiss" tomato was affected by alternariosis (the second name of the disease). The other varieties, despite their proximity to each other, remained healthy.

For more photos of tomatoes of the variety "Geranium Kiss" see the forum.

4. Tomato variety "Carbon", or "Carbon"

For gardeners, this variety is considered one of the most delicious of all black tomatoes. But in addition to its taste qualities, it is distinguished by its medium maturity, stopping in growth when reaching a height of 1 m, as well as resistance to phytophthora.

11 interesting tomato varieties that I grew this year
Tomato variety "Carbon", or "Carbon". © Oksana Gula

For me, this tomato variety was a mystery. Seeds of "Carbon" germinated somewhat later than in other varieties, but amicably. The seedlings were tall, strong, beautiful.

The first brush was formed very early, simultaneously with the first ovary on the ultra-early "Sanka. Tomatoes were formed round, aligned in size and shape. But then the miracles began. Some of the fruits, when ripe, remained round, uniformly colored in red, and some, larger tomatoes, acquired a slightly flattened shape and painted a black hue. For a long time I tried to understand: maybe it was a different variety, maybe different varieties on the bed? But then I noticed that darken those that hang on the bush longer.

On average, the weight of the fruit was around 200-250 grams. During the rainy season, the taste tended more to watery, but then the individual tomato fruits were so sweet that it seemed as if they were sweetened with sugar.

Ripening in "Carbon" turned out to be protracted. After a period of heat, flowering resumed and a new wave of crops set in. By the end of August tomatoes were as big as a child's fist, but especially large tomatoes were not.

I liked this variety. Very beautiful. Tasty. In my case - early, with elongated fruiting. With the bush went from 9 to 13 fruits, it's not much compared to the met in the descriptions of this variety of 8 kg per bush, but still ... do not hurt. I will plant again!

More pictures of tomatoes variety "Carbon" see on the forum.

5. Tomato variety "Black Crimea"

Medium early. Yielding. Flat-round tomatoes weighing about 500 g, at full maturity they are almost black. Nedeterminantny. Do not get sick!

11 interesting tomato varieties that I grew this year
Tomato variety "Black Crimea. © Oksana Gula

Tomato "Black Krim", or Black Krim turned out to be quite interesting to observe. Both fasciated (fused from several) and simple flowers bloomed on the plants. And despite the fact that the early heat did not allowed to knot all the flowers, the yield came out good, especially if you consider that 50% of the fruits were about 450 grams.

We picked the first tomato at 82 day after sprouting, it's on par with ultra-early "Sanka. And in two weeks we harvested a full-fledged crop. By the end of the season from the control bush, it was grown without trellising, 17 pieces of tomatoes were picked, this is about 4,5-5 kg.

But in my case, "Black Crimea" showed itself not so good as to plant it again. The first (and most important), because of what I did not like it - the green shoulders combined with cracking of the fruit. Some of the tomato just gets thrown away because of the tough flesh.

The second thing is the taste. Not to say that the tomato is unpalatable, rather it is - without a pronounced taste: watery with a slight sourness. Moreover, by the end of the summer the situation has not changed. One would think that this is a sign of lack of potassium, but there were three other varieties growing on the bed, one of which, the above described "Carbon" - this did not happen to them.

There was also another trouble. At the very beginning of the season, a phytophthora spot appeared on one of the fruits. The tomato was immediately removed. Further on the plants were not observed any signs of disease. Bushes to the end of the season remained clean.

For more photos of tomatoes of the variety "Black Crimean" see the forum.

6. Tomato variety "Black Heart of Breda"

Heart-shaped, medium maturing, completely unpretentious indeterminant variety. Copes well with changes in temperature. Fruits are burgundy, closer to black. Yields in the open field from 5 to 20 kg per bush. Individual tomatoes are formed up to 1 kg and more.

11 interesting tomato varieties that I grew this year
Tomato variety "Black Heart of Breda". © Oksana Gula

The planting of "Black Heart of Breda" turned out to be strong, growing, but with a drooping leaf, as it turned out - this is its feature. Tomato bush with huge growth potential! Grew under 3 m and felled the support - this should be taken into account when planting, to give the plant space and have a good approach for regular grazing. On the way of formation I could not find specific data, so I left 5 stems at once.

Breda Black Heart" flowered later than the others, and set fruit very sluggishly, 1-2 fruits per brush. Just as late and he ripe. The first tomato we took off only at the end of August. Moreover, the very first turned out to be affected by black rot. The second ripe in early September. Weight of the fruit was 350 - 400 grams. A total of 10 pieces were removed from the bush. The last ones were put for ripening, because they did not have time to ripen. On the taste of tomatoes were fleshy, with a fairly balanced tomato flavor. When looking at the fruit no one was left without admiration!

It is remarkable that the bush was not sick and went into the fall fresh, green and fully healthy.

For more photos of tomatoes of the variety "Black Heart of Breda" see the forum.

7. Tomato variety "Heart of Tibet"

Heart-shaped, medium maturing, yielding, indeterminant tomato variety. Fruits are large, red, sweet-tasting, weighing up to 500 g. Do not crack when overripe.

11 interesting tomato varieties that I grew this year
Tomato variety "Heart of Tibet. © Oksana Gula

In my case, "Heart of Tibet" did not show itself as a productive variety. During the season from the tomato bush took only two fruits. Weight of the first 242 g, weight of the second 250 g. And this despite the fact that the other varieties immediately after the fall of high temperatures continued flowering, "Heart of Tibet" never flowered again.

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Taste of tomato "Heart of Tibet" was fleshy, but not sweet, although without sourness. Its only advantage was resistance to diseases and beautiful shape of the fruit.

For more photos of tomatoes of the variety "Heart of Tibet" see on the forum.

8. Tomato variety "Striped hollow"

Middle maturity. Indeterminant. High yielding. Practically hollow red fruits with golden stripes, weighing 100-150g, the shape resembles a sweet pepper cube, excellent for stuffing. The variety "Striped Stuffer" shows the best results with the formation of the bush in 2 stems. © Oksana Gula

My Striped Stuffer never ceased to amaze me all season. The first tomatoes impressed me with their shape! In a small dense brush five angular dark green fruits were set, really visually resembling a sweet pepper. Then red and yellow strokes of the first spots of its amazing coloring appeared scattered across the unusual fruit. When looking at the striped tomato, it seemed as if the artist dipped his brush into the water and the colored spots floated in different directions on its surface. If I saw such a tomato in the picture I would never believe that it was real, but not the artist's imagination!

It so happened that in spring the label on one of the seedling cups fell off and I had no idea what kind of tomato it was. I had to plant an unnamed plant separately from the experimental bed. And it turned out that the tomato "Striped hollow" is very sensitive to the sun. The bushes planted in the shade, have set very few fruits. And those that received more direct sunlight - more. And the most productive - 48 tomatoes per bush - turned out to be planted separately, in the very sun, unidentified bush in the spring.

For the season "Striped hollow" did not suffer from any disease. Grew under 2 m. Ripened one of the last, only by the end of August. Ripening showed extended, so if you grow it for stuffing, but it is very suitable for stuffing, it is better to plant not 4-5 bushes, but more. In raw form it was delicious - sweetish tomato with a balanced tomato flavor. In the stuffed version - unsurpassedly delicious! Thick walls and collected in the middle in the "strawberry" flesh became very convenient for cooking "Tomato Dumplings".

For more photos of tomatoes of the variety "Striped hollow" see the forum.

9. Tomato variety "Green Chili"

Middle maturity. High-growing (height of the bush is 1.8 m). High yielding sort of green tomatoes. In taste has a fruity note! Do not get sick! Fruits under any weather conditions! Weight of tomatoes varies in the range from 80 to 120 g.

11 interesting tomato varieties that I grew this year
Sort of tomatoes "Green Chile". © Oksana Gula

In my vegetable garden "Green Chile" is one of the favorites. And all because its tomatoes are surprisingly sweet. This year because of the early heat variety did not have time to show themselves in all their glory, but still happy. Having a delayed late fruiting, it was very tasty and timely for the fall table. While the other varieties stopped ripening fully, "Chile Verde" not only continued to successfully reach ripeness on the bush, but finishing ripening in the room, remained sweet as if just pulled out of the bed, in my opinion, this is great!

The only drawback to "Chile" is the unclear moment of eating the fruit. They are all green. All with a whitish barrel. And only the fully ripe tomato has a slightly yellowish barrel. So I have not only to visually inspect the bush at the time of harvest, but also to feel the fruits, whether they are soft or not, because of which part of the crop crumbles.

Look at the forum for more photos of tomatoes of the variety "Green Chile".

10. Tomato variety "Blue Spruce" (another name "Silver Spruce")

Medium early. Indeterminant. A highly ornamental variety with unusual foliage. Has beautiful, slightly flattened, red fruits of balanced tomato taste. © Oksana Gula

"Blue Spruce" pleased me only at the beginning of the growing season. Surprisingly beautiful carrot-carved leaf, compact bluish bush, level in size and shape tomatoes - that's all the advantages! In terms of maturity, in my case, "Silver Spruce" proved to be a medium-late variety. Tomatoes wilted a little bit. The brush is dense, beautiful, but heavy - requiring garter.

All fruits are aligned in size, shape and weight - any fruit like a picture! Mine weighed each in the neighborhood of 110 grams. But the high yield of the variety has not shown, although it knitted the fruits repeatedly.

In my opinion, the tomato "Blue Spruce" is good for sale, for myself - only as an interesting experiment.

More pictures of tomatoes, sort "Blue Spruce" see on the forum

The main feature of the variety is an ampelic shape shrub (length of branches up to 1 m), early maturity and high yield. One plant can yield up to 1000 small tomatillos (mass of 15-20 grams). © Oksana Gula

Looking at what I have grown, the collector who sent me the seeds, or made a mistake with the variety, or sent an assorted. My cherry waterfall tomato did not become an ampelon. Its stubbornly growing upward and no lodging never happened. The little fruits, flame horns on it, tightened together and it was interesting for children to pick, but nothing surprisingly remarkable came out.

For more photos of tomatoes of the variety "Cherry Waterfall" see the forum.

Conclusion. Since not all varieties this year showed themselves in the best way, for next year remain in the list of planting only tomatoes "Sanka", "White Cherry", "Kiss of Geranium", "Carbon", "Green Chile" and "Black Heart of Breda". 'Striped hollow' is in question. The rest of the varieties, on the other hand, will give way to new ones. And what tomato varieties pleased you this past season? Tell me in the comments to the article.

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