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10 Indoor Plants That Are Easy To Get From Cuttings

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Sprouting is one of the most popular propagation methods of indoor plants. This is not surprising, as large and fast-growing offspring can be produced by this method without damaging the mother plant. Although there is nothing difficult about conventional rooting under a hood, there are some houseplants that will not cause even the smallest of problems. The most unpretentious cultures do not demand almost any efforts for rooting cuttings: in fact, the roots on their shoots appear even in water.

10 indoor plants that are easy to get from cuttings
Rooting of indoor plants. © lenna pettersson

Grafting is one of the main methods of propagation not only of garden plants, but also of room plants. Of course, among the vegetative methods there are simpler procedures - in particular, division of adult bushes. But it is cuttings that are most often used both in industrial scale plant breeding and at home.

The main advantage of cuttings is rightly considered the minimal damage caused to the plant itself. Only a few shoots are cut into cuttings (except for the replacement of mother shrubs in annual species), this procedure does not cause serious injury to the plant and does not lead to suppression of its growth. But there are other "pluses":

  • minimal damage is combined with maximum efficiency;
  • the propagation of new plants in a minimum period;
  • plants obtained by cutting develop faster and take a minimum period to reach their maximum ornamental value;
  • the rooting of cuttings allows replacing old plants in need of rejuvenation or annuals.

The plants that are easiest to cut are some of the most popular. And this is not surprising. The choice of indoor crops that are easy to root and propagate, allows you to learn the features of plant propagation, quickly restore neglected, replace old and lost "form" copies even with minimal knowledge and experience.

Easy cuttings directly depends on what kind of cuttings can be cut from a room plant. For propagation you can use:

  • Top cuttings;
  • stem cuttings;
  • leaf cuttings.

If you want to get new plants without much effort with cuttings, you should first of all pay attention to cultures that propagate with top cuttings. But even among the crops that can be cut with leaves or stem segments, there are some that root amazingly easily.

10 indoor plants that are easy to get from cuttings
Raising room plants with cuttings

Top cuttings are an excellent method of propagation for most room lianas. Cissus, epipremnum, ivy, hoia, solenostemon and tridescans can easily obtain new plants by cutting off shoot tops. Also easy to root from the top of shoots of Pepperomia, Benjamin's Ficus, Honeydew, Balmany, African Sparmania etc.

Leaf cuttings give you new plants from a single leaf or even part of a leaf. This is the most productive way to propagate sansevitria, begonia, senpolia, streptocarpus, toadstools, rubber-bearing ficus, echeveria. Leaf parts and stems also root well in succulents or cacti.

Stem cuttings always seem to be a more difficult method of propagation, but not for plants that root easily in all conditions. This is where yuccas and dracenas belong, which give roots quite quickly even on pieces of stem.

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Let's take a closer look at the ten room plants that are easiest to cut. Cuttings from them take root amazingly quickly even in simple water, and the offspring develop so actively that already in a couple of months you can admire the highly decorative plant.

List of room plants that are easy to get from cuttings, see next page.

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