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10 Easy Ways To Decorate Flower Pots

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The attractiveness of houseplants depends not only on their own decorative qualities but also on the container in which they grow. A pot that forms a single whole with green and flowering favorites can both emphasize their advantages and hide their disadvantages, and vice versa. If you choose the wrong container for the aesthetic parameters can turn even a luxurious orchid into an unsightly and squalid spectacle. Today the range of planters is more than great. But to find the perfect fit for each plant container is not easy, and not always possible: the best models of pots cost a lot. But even the simplest or oldest containers can be transformed on their own, fitting them into the interior and adding new accents, revealing the beauty of leaves or inflorescences.

10 easy ways to decorate flower pots
Decorating a flowerpot.

Practicality is not everything

Pots for indoor plants are chosen first of all according to their practical parameters: they should create ideal conditions for growth, correspond to the size of the root system of crops, provide enough drainage holes for a free outflow of water. In the range of containers for indoor pets there are both plastic and ceramic planters. And in each category there are containers of different price group and functionality, shape and size. And choosing the ratio of width and height, taking into account the nature of plant growth, the volume of the previous container, we often forget about another very important parameter of each pot and pot - its aesthetic.

Dull and ordinary, unattractive and familiar pots that are just a container for growing and do not stand out on their own - that's most pots for indoor plants. Especially if they are used "by inheritance", repotted as new plants grow, and many times using the same container for completely different cultures. But they can and should be the main decoration of green darlings.

There are, of course, brightly colored fashionable, original containers, high-end models, each of which becomes part of the interior. But they all require individual selection and considerable expense. But even those who have pots boring and standard, do not neglect the aesthetics. Even the most boring container can be turned into a decorative accent, to make it more suitable for a particular plant and a particular environment.

Additional decoration of flower pots is necessary in cases:

  • when the pots do not match the decorative characteristics of the plants themselves;
  • when the containers are not ornate enough or, on the contrary, too bright for the plants growing in them;
  • when using old, "worn out" pots in appearance;
  • to mask defects (like chips or spots) on the outside of the pot;
  • if the pot doesn't fit in with other plants or the interior in general (especially if its style, color doesn't match the surroundings);
  • to save money on buying luxury designer's pots (with the same exclusivity effect);
  • as a great way to create unique, individual decor;
  • to introduce stylish and comfortable details into your rooms;
  • and for those who like to be creative and look for exclusive solutions even in little things.
10 easy ways to decorate flower pots
Decorating a flower pot. © Shauna Krantz

Transform ordinary pots into special ones with the help of different ways of decorating containers for plants. Some of them suggest to remember the skills of handmade, others - to use improvised materials, and still others - to dare the most unexpected experiments. Sometimes for the transformation of flower pots to add a single detail, and sometimes it's better to hide the pot itself under the original "coat". Just allocate a little time and do not be afraid to show imagination - and a unique, "piece" pots for indoor plants will be a "highlight" in the design of your home.

Method 1. Double pots and external containers

The easiest and simultaneously not the most practical option quickly disguise unsightly, old, unsuitable plant appearance, but very convenient and perfectly performing their functions pot - put it in another. A double pot will help not only when you don't like the main container, but also if:

  • beautiful expensive containers, which you buy as a luxury accent, so pathetic to "dirty" and use as intended (by planting a plant in a smaller pot and just put in a more beautiful, you save both aesthetics and practicality, without adding to yourself the hassle);
  • you choose ceramic containers for purely decorative purposes, there are no drain holes at all or there is one so small that optimal water drainage is out of the question.
10 easy ways to decorate flower pots
Decorating a flower pot with a decorative cachet

And not only flower pots can be used as an external container.

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  • old kitchen items or decorative containers - from pots and teapots to clay bowls or porcelain pots;
  • decorative interior boxes and baskets for needlework;
  • unusual containers from among the garden and kitchen utensils - watering cans, pots, buckets and vases;
  • Hats, hats and even boots.

The main thing is to choose an outer container so that it fits perfectly into your interior and reveals the beauty of the plants themselves. And to put a plant plant planted in a simple cachet in it is a matter of seconds.

Method 2. Magic Painting

The easiest way to change absolutely any container (as well as any piece of furniture or utensil) is to paint it. And for this you can use both ordinary and the cheapest enamels, as well as art paints from acrylic to oil. The new color and flawless coating can be made glossy or matte, multi-colored, with a gradient effect or striped, bright or more pastel. Match the color to the interior (usually the accent colors or the dominant color scheme). If you want, you can even paint landscapes on the surface of the pots or create an intricate futuristic abstract painting. In painting you are limited only by your imagination and skills.

10 easy ways to decorate flower pots
Decorating a flower pot by painting

In practical terms, painting is really simple. The main thing is to consider the material of the container itself and what paints are suitable for working with a particular surface. And don't forget that you should only work on the outside of the containers: there is no need to paint the inside. Before painting containers should always be washed and, if necessary, scraped with sandpaper or abrasive paper and degreased for perfect adhesion of paint to the surface.

Method 3. Messages on the pot

It is not at all necessary to paint the pots completely. If you want, you can use them as a "slate" - to store important information or funny quotes, messages, winged phrases, decorating the walls with inscriptions of different size and nature. For houseplants that grow in the kitchen, you can write on the pots the ratio of food measures, a list of spices for your favorite meat, information about the proportion of ingredients or even recipes. Inspirational messages are always appropriate in the bathroom, romantic quotes in the bedroom, multiplication table and other educational trivia in the nursery, and motivational phrases in the office. Pots can also be a great basis for children's creativity.

10 easy ways to decorate flower pots
Decorating a flower pot with inscriptions. © befrenchie

The inscriptions can be made with paint, or with an ordinary waterproof marker, or even with wax pencils. If you do not want to make the inscriptions by hand, you can always buy special stickers, transfer pictures or print your favorite quotes. Only non-water-resistant materials should be varnished on top.

Method 4. Three-dimensional transformation

Nowadays the options for completely overlapping the surface of the pot with new materials are not limited to painting. Just buy a reliable waterproof glue or glue gun and choose the material you want to cover the pot with and diligently glue its surface.

Decorating flower pots is possible:

  • sisal;
  • beads;
  • shells;
  • decorative glass or pebbles;
  • buttons;
  • paste or cereals;
  • small twigs, sticks or colored pencils;
  • nuts and cones;
  • Payette and rhinestones.
10 easy ways to decorate flower pots
Decorating a flower pot with seashells. © Martha Stewart

These materials can simply "cover" the surface with a second layer or completely hide the contours, straighten the walls or create a new relief. But regardless of the particular effect, a fully glazed container always looks more than original, original, unique and eclectic. The gluing looks especially good on medium-sized pots and also if you're sorry to throw away containers with cracks or chips without losing their functionality.

Method 5: Ecotrends, or herbarium on pots

Today herbaria and natural decorations are again returning to their former glory. And as a basis for eco-decorations can be used not only panels, photo frames and a variety of interior items, but also flower pots. But such a painstaking and fragile decoration is appropriate for pots only for those houseplants, which stand in the most prominent places or are used in the table setting: the fine work needs to be admired.

10 easy ways to decorate flower pots
Decorating a flowerpot with natural bark

Dried flowers, inflorescences, twigs, berries, leaves, fruits, sections of bark and other natural decorations are collected in small "bunches" and with the help of a glue gun are fixed on the surface of a pre-painted or simple pot, then for reliability are varnished. The decor should be minimalistic and small - it's not the most durable variant of decoration, it should not hinder to move the pot freely and take it in hands.

Method 6. The large or small volume decor

Unlike the herbarium decor, the volume application from more durable materials is much more practical and durable. Using glue or a glue gun can be attached to pots and pebbles, pebbles, glass, starfish, shells, made of paper curls or miniature origami figures, molded from ceramics flowers, leaves, figurines, making them three-dimensional accents and decorations. The easiest option is to buy special materials for modeling (today you can buy them not in sets, but by the piece) and create from the ceramic mass a thin braid-edge or miniature flowers, which can be attached to the pot, giving it an expressive relief. You can even use salt dough figurines.

10 easy ways to decorate flower pots
Decorating a flower pot with clothespins.

Method 7 - Decoupage in all its glory

Decoupage is one of the most fashionable types of decoration, the use of which goes far beyond crafts - decoupage. With the help of motifs cut out of napkins or decoupage cards you can decorate any surface with paintings. On flower pots, thanks to a simple imitation, patterns can blossom, appear beautiful symbols or entire paintings. And for gluing you only need skill and special glue and varnish. If you want to experiment, you can decorate the pot itself with the effects of artistic patina, craquelure, cover with unexpected metal shades. Decoupage is especially good for nostalgic interiors, baroque, classicism, Mediterranean style and Provence, though such decoration can be applied for giving individuality to flower pots in other interior styles as well.

10 easy ways to decorate flower pots
Decoupage for flower pots. © jenniferhazard

But decoupage only allows you to apply individual motifs to pots. If you want to completely cover the surface, you can also use wallpaper, photo wallpaper, colored silk or chintz, any prints and ornaments printed on a color printer on rice paper or textured cardboard. They will not look like art painting, but will also give the containers original accents. True, glue and varnish for decoupage in this case is not enough: for materials will have to go to the building department.

Method 8. You must have seen charming "dressing up" sets for teapots and teapots in souvenir stores and china shops, which turn even the most simple utensils into a small masterpiece. Similar "clothes" are for flower pots. True, with them everything is easier: it is enough to sew or tie a small muff on the size of the pot, which tightly encircles the walls. Such "garments" can be either knitted or sewn from fabric. Patchwork, patchwork, luxurious chintz, cotton, brocade and other interior and upholstery fabrics in the tone of the textiles in the room or a variety of hand knitting options with knitting and crochet - there is plenty to choose from.
10 easy ways to decorate flower pots
Decorating a flowerpot with articles of clothing

Without disturbing the shape of the pot and making it visually more cozy, you will bring new textile accents to the environment of the room and simultaneously - a new atmosphere. This option is especially good for decorating pots for the winter, as it adds a special seasonality to the house. And a pleasant bonus - protection of substrate from overcooling, cold air flows, cold surfaces and draughts - will be very pleasant for the most thermophilic green beauties. Thread to thread

10 easy ways to decorate flower pots
Decorating a flower pot with jute

Taping, or thread and cord wrapping is an original technique, something intermediate between volumetric decorating and simple taping of the pot. Having smeared the surface of a container for houseplants with a strong stable glue (for example, PVA) you can wrap colorful thick thread, sisal, various thickness of cords or twine tightly around it, creating a relief very beautiful covering, reminiscent of woven baskets. Especially good are threads with glitter or metallic coating, as well as decorative twine with metallized thread. If desired, you can weave pigtails from the threads, change the direction, combine several threads for a striped effect. This way of decorating is suitable both for usual planters and for hanging baskets. © Catherine Woram

They are not called magical at all for their special talents, but for their amazing ease of use. With ribbons, decorative cords, ropes and other "bindings" tied around the pots, you can change the look of a planter in less than a minute, making it expressive and fashionable. This way of decorating is perfect for those who have no extra time (or desire to do handmade and creativity). Just go to any fabric store and buy the cord, twine or ribbons of different width, suitable to your interior style or your favorite. Tie them on the pot, you'll add to it graphics and interesting accents. If you wish, you can always tie a tag with the name of the plant or the schedule of watering and fertilizing, a small trinket or pendant, tie bows or combine different ribbons for greater effect.