Bio = Life. Biosecurity Of Plants During The Growing Season

In recent years, more and more people have begun to link the quality of the foods they eat with their health. And for good reason! For example, medicine, among other risks, mentions carcinogens and pesticides, of which there are too many in our food, as a cause of cancer. If you grow your own fruit and vegetables, their quality and safety is in your hands.

Bio = Life. Biosecurity of plants during the growing season
Thanks to their natural origin the bio preparations are safe for humans

Safe plant protection becomes even more important during the fruiting period. At this time the bio preparations Alirin-B, Hamair, Gliocladin and Trichocin come to the rescue. They are based on beneficial microorganisms (fungi and bacteria). Due to their natural origin they are safe for humans, fish, bees and pets. Vegetables treated with biological preparations can be eaten immediately after processing (unlike chemical pesticides).

To reliably and safely protect your plants during vegetation:

Please the soil with the solution of Trichocin, SP (6 g/10 l/100 m2) before planting seedlings on the bed. The Trichocin, SP biofungicide suppresses harmful soil microorganisms - the root and root rot causative agents. 1 week after transplanting the seedlings

fill the soil with the bio-preparation mixture of Alirin-B and Hamair in 1 -2 pills of each drug on 10 liters of water/10 m2.

For 25-30 days after the first treatment , re-treat with Trichocin, SP biopreparation at the rate of 6 g/100 m2. During the vegetation period, every 25-30 days alternate the soil treatment with the Alirin-B and Hamair solutions with the Trichocin, SP treatment.

For 7-10 days after sprouting (planting) conduct the first spraying by the leaf with bio-preparation mixture Alirin-B and Hamair at the rate of (1+1) tab./1 liter of water. Further conduct 2-3 times spraying with an interval of 7-14 days.

Autumn soil disinfection. In order to reduce the infection accumulated in the soil during the season, in autumn after harvesting, water the soil with the solution of the preparation Trichocin, SP at the rate of 6 g/10 l/100 m2, after application recultivate the soil.

In connection with the growing demand for biological preparations, unscrupulous manufacturers appear on the market now. Therefore if you want to be sure of the safety and quality of the purchased biological preparation make sure when choosing a biological preparation in the store that the package contains the state registration number and the registration number of the packing label, as well as the registrant and the producer of the preparation with their contact information. If such information is not on the package, there is no guarantee of safety of this drug. The biologicals Alirin-B

, Gamair, Gliokladin and Trichocin passed the state registration and released in full conformity with Russian legislation. Take care of yourself and your loved ones - use tested, effective and safe biological preparations.

We also have a line for flowers!

Bio = Life. Biosecurity of plants during the growing season
Biological fungicide Alirin-B
Bio = Life. Biosecurity of plants during the growing season
Biological bactericide Gamair
Bio = Life. Biosecurity of plants during the growing season
Biological soil fungicide Gliokladin
Bio = Life. Biosecurity of plants during the growing season
Biological soil fungicide Trichocin

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